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24/7 Training Tools

Yuen Method training tools are 100% digital and available 24/7 through your membership hub.

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With Dr. Yuen as your Personal Wellness Expert, your entire life situation is in store for a leap forward.

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Stay on track with focused check-in sessions, ideal for busy folks who need more hours in the day. 

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Does your business, practice or corporation need a kickstart? Let's make it happen today.

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When you'ready to make some money doing what you love, we're here to give you the platofrm you need.

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Certified Worldwide 

With certified instructors, consultants, students, and patients all across the world, we keep an eye toward the bigger picture.

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5 Day Crash Course

Your first Yuen Method Shop purchase comes with a free 5 Day Crash Course to help you immediatel start applying what you learn.

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Homeopathic Remedies

Innovative wellness options --including Dr. Yuen's entire homeopathich remedy line-- are available through our amazon seller account.

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What Our Clients Say


"I played in the NFL for six seasons and saw my fair share of injuries. I fractured my forearm, which was surgically repaired. Also had ahtroscopic surgery on my rotator cuff. But one thing that still bothers me today is my lower left lumbar region. Dr. Yuen told me that the pain was 'non-physical' and related to my ancestor's karma. Crazy! But even better than that, my shoulder, arm, and back all felt different afterward. And not just different... Better." 

-Eric King, Retired NFL Player (Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions)

"An injury ended my career when I was playing with the Saints in 2009. Spinal cord C5 and C6. It's cervical but I feel pain in my lower back. Dr. Yuen said the pain and restriction was related to emotional trauma rather than my injury. After having me stretch in a postion that typically causes pain, I must admit that my back did feel better and the restriction I felt in my chest lessened too."

-D'Juan Woods, Retired NFL Player (Jacksonville Jaguars, New Orleans Saints)

"I have weakness in my knees from previous ACL injuries. I was also playing basketball the day prior and was experiencing soreness in my shoulder. Dr. Yuen said he wanted to make me play like Michael Jordan, but I'dve just been happy to get some relief. After doing his thing, Dr. Yuen had me stretch my shoulder, then jump up and down. To my surprise, the shoulder was actually way better and the jumping felt more effortless. He even helped improve my dribbling game by getting rid of the negative visualizations I was carrying around. Thanks Doc!" 

 -Frank Rice, Retired NFL Player (Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) 

""I had shoulder surgery back in 1994 and couldn't throw a baseball. I tried rehab, acupuncture, rest...nothing seemed to work. Then I got referred to Dr. Yuen and within half an hour I was throwing a baseball to my maximum capability. Not only did it help my shoulder, but the positive energy Dr. Yuen produces is amazing. You know... I've never been an advocate of alternative healing but I'm living proof that this works...Thanks for getting me back on the baseball field!" 

 -Dave Roberts (Current LA Dodger Manager & Former MLB Player)