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  •  Experience the elimination and deletion of all causes, reasons, sources and the effect of all your pains real or imaginary, physical and non-physical.
  •  Strengthen to connect with the sources of your infinite and beyond infinite potential, physical and non-physical, to automatically resolves all your life problems instantly on the spot without fail.
Experience The Science Of Immediate Results To Take Charge, Gain Expertise And Achieve Mastery Over Your Life.
Immediate results proven to assist you to eliminate and delete stress, disease, anxiety, tension and inability to relax among other things in life.You will achieve balance, centre, stability, neutrality, results and total confidence in a matter of seconds. Never be wishing, hoping and seeking others to help you.
"I had suffered with lower back pain for 20 years. Dr. Yuen worked on me at the first seminar I attended of his, and the pain was gone in five minutes! It has not come back, I can press in on my back all day and feel no pain.” - Judy Noble
"It is only Immediate Results that matters. Anything less than immediate, must not be accepted..." Dr. Kam Yuen DC
The Yuen Method is a cutting edge energetic modality developed by Dr. Kam Yuen that can be learned by anyone to instantly delete any physical or psychosomatic issue including pain, illness or any other life problem on the spot with immediate experience of results. 

Yuen Method’s Immediate Solutions are based on over 50 years of practical and clinical results. First in the practical applicable results in the martial art schools, particularly Kung Fu’s thousands of years of continuous history. Second, from the clinical results of chiropractic’s principle of innate intelligence to resolve all life ailments, regardless of its source. Third, it is based upon engineering, computer science and technologies in its attempts to resolve all of the world’s problems. 

Yuen Method has hundreds of thousands of immediate result case studies, recorded in live presentations, globally in hospitals included Kaiser Promenade, fitness centres notably Gold’s Gym, massage schools, senior assist care centres, life expos, gymnastic & yoga centres and martial arts schools.

It has been presented and accompanied with 100% immediate results at colleges and universities, notably University of Valencia, Spain, CSUSF, CSUN and Stanford University’s faculty members.

It has achieved consistence 100% immediate results on live TV, and radio programs. 

It has demonstrated that anyone can resolve their own life problems without total dependence on the advices of experts most of whom can never provide immediate satisfactory results. 

Yuen Method doesn’t offer oral and written advices. It achieves immediate results without talking or any need of translations.  
Just Immediate Results: 
Yuen Method has no need for discussions,  theories,  philosophies,  arguments,  debates,  beliefs or healing.  There is no curing,  no treatments,  no trainings,  no indoctrinations, no medicines, no supplements, no mindfulness, no spirituality,  no  meditations...

You will just discover how to activate and connect with your own innate intelligence and your infinite and beyond infinite physicality to resolve all of your sickness, illness, disease and injury symptoms immediately in less than a minute!
meet the man behind the METHOD
DR. Kam Yuen DC
A world renowned 35th generation Shaolin Grand Master, Doctor of Chiropractic, aerospace engineer, noted speaker and author, Dr Yuen is acknowledged as one of the worlds foremost authorities on martial and healing arts.  He was the consultant and stunt coordinator for the original mega hit television series Kung Fu. 

He discovered at an early age that he could intuitively sense energetic weaknesses in others and affect those weaknesses at a non conscious, DNA and quantum level. By Combining advanced healing through the human energy field with 5000 years of Chinese wisdom and 21st century quantum field theory, biochemistry and neuroanatomy, he developed an amazingly effective technique called the Yuen Method.

The Yuen Method has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life heal themselves of serious and even near fatal ailments. Taking the concept of healing beyond infinite potential Dr Yuen has made instant healing and instant fitness an attainable reality for countless patients, lecture attendees, celebrities, students, and has demonstrated the simplicity of the techniques to astounded live radio and television audiences nationwide. This method can be learned by anyone who reads his books and attends his classes.
What People Are Saying About This Incredible Book On...
"It works..."
Review By swammy3mommy
Be prepared for anything and do the applications suggested. This has relieved anguishing pain for myself and my kids when all else failed. Results speak for themselves.
"I highly recommend it!..."
Review By Amazon Customer
Dr Yuen and Marnie Greenberg's book is the "state of the art" self help and wellness tool! I use it everyday in my practice, sharing it with clients, family, and friends. I highly recommend it!
"Incredible information!..."
Review By Amazon Customer
The yuen method is really a revolution in humanity improvement, not just health but any thing that needs to be better can be done and it is not an exaggeration .
"Really Amazing..."
Review By Sharon D. Bailey
Yuen Method is AMAZING. I use several healing techniques in my healing practice and the Yuen Method is the BEST for miraculous INSTANT shifts. 
"Five Stars"
Review By Gabriela
The most amazing method I've ever seen or read about. Worth every penny.
"I have been using this knowledge with amazing results."
Review By Patrick OKeefe
I have been using this knowledge with amazing results and have really moved forward in my life. Pain free and loving it. thanks Dr. Yuen
"Migraine Free After Decades Of Suffering"
Review By Julie Rahm
For everyone who has suffered in pain, this book and it's content are for you! For decades I suffered from migraines that would last for days. Doctors and other "experts" told me the problem was everything from dehydration, my monthly cycle, too much "stress", cheese, red wine, chocolate, …They were all WRONG! Dr. Yuen's method worked and I'm migraine-free. Whatever your stress or pain, what you'll learn in the book works.
" Student of The Yuen Method"
Review By Luz Elba Lenhardt
The explanations on how to delete are so easy and very fast. I had the opportunity to use it on myself. I crashed my car last Sunday and my neck got affected something with the muscle that goes to the right shoulder. When I got to the first lesson, I did it on me and the pain was gone like magic. Now I am using it for many other corrections. I LOVE IT! Thank you very much.
"No more suffering of any kind and it is very easy. 
Anyone can do it..."
Review By Olga
This book truly is life changing, everybody should read it. No more suffering of any kind and it is very easy. Anyone can do it. I would give 20 stars if you had this qualification available.
"Stress and Pain No More!..."
Review By Cheri
Recommend to anyone, is a real blessing to use these techniques.

"Excellent book and reference!..."
Review By Guillermo Muñoz
This book contains the basic and medium principles of the Yuen Method which is a very powerful and advanced technology that is inside each of us to eliminate all the pain and stress instantly and forever, and not only that, it can be applied to the whole and leading areas of your life including relationship, finances, etc.
"Soooo Amazing..."
Review By Nancy Actipes
It's soooo amazing. Love the charts. Clear and very easy to follow and use. Gotten great results with it. Friends have purchased extra copies and given to their kids with wonderful results. Highly recommended. You will be soooo glad you got this book. Get an extra for someone you love.
"Most important book..."
Review By G R Warder
This is the most important book I have ever read bar non. The YuenMethod has changed my whole family for the better and put us all on the road to manifesting our infinite potential. 
"The Yuen Method WORKS!"
Review By Marilyn Warder
Works for ourselves and others instantly, even for our pets. 
Wow! Great stuff!!
Review By Judith Morales
 I have used this for 14 years with outstanding results on anything from minor afflictions to major issues. Nothing else gets results like the Yuen method.
I attended the last live seminar in L.A. I had shoulders pain and general weakness. I followed the live class teachings and downloads; pain 50% gone by end of first day and completely gone by end of second day; same for weakness gone! . Thank you Dr. Yuen and Marnie - Sagrario
Just Come Of The Celebrities Who Have Consulted With Dr. Kam Yuen: Seal, David Carridine, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Robert De Niro, Chuck Norris, Tony Danza, Mrs. Martin Luther King, Morgan Fairchild, Bob Dylan, Sinbad, Paula Abdul, Jack Canfield And Many Other Famous Personalities!
Experience The Science of Immediate Results & Improve Beyond YOUR Infinite Potential 
Nothing to learn, and no advices to read or listen to. Download the book now to take charge and gain expert access to your Central Nervous System’s Central Intelligence to immediately improve, change and resolve any of yours and other’s physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual problematic conditions.

Immediate solutions are what is needed, wanted and desired for you and the rest of the world. Now you can have it on the spot!
  • Discover how to get immediate results and immediate solutions to your problems in seconds by activating your central nervous system and physical intelligence...
  • See why discussions and debates among intellectual circles are merely just camouflages and coverups of not having any solutions...  
  • Learn how to delete any stress, pain or issue within seconds on the spot...
Page 33. How to find the source, reason and cause behind your pain or issue and delete it for good.
Page 72. How to activate your CNS and strengthen yourself to any weaknesses permanently.
Page 52. How to address your Mind, Body & Spirit simultaneously together to finally resolve your problematic life situations.
Page 92. How to strengthen the 5 leading life support systems and be free from all health issues for good.
As humans, you already have the intelligence and ingenuity to resolve any pain or issues without reliance on belief, studies, and researches. We already know how to do it. Just applying the exact insight of knowing what, when and how to do it within less than a minute. Not wait hundreds of years later and still not have a clue on how to resolve it. This is the power of the Yuen Method 
"About two years ago, I had a fall and received multiple lower back injuries which forced me to discontinue work and seek medical assistance. A neurologist had several MRIs taken which disclosed three herniated and two bulging discs in the lumbar region of my back. This, along with associated torn ligaments made it difficult to tolerate physical therapy. The medical regime only allowed me to sit, stand and walk for not more than about twenty minutes at a time.” “At Dr. Yuen’s lectures/demonstration I was very impressed with the quick results obtained with people in the audience, but doubted if anyone could help me, after all, there was documented “medical evidence” that my injuries were “real”. (Perhaps the others were psychosomatic?)” “However, it took about 30 seconds of Dr. Yuen’s time to completely release and clear the worst pain in my lower back at the herniated area. And permanently so far! That is, there is no indication of pain and I have not taken one drug or pain pill since he worked on me! This is no less than miraculous.!” - Kathy, New York

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