DR. Kam Yuen DC Extended Bio
DR. Kam Yuen DC Extended Bio
Volunteer Services to the Community and the World:
Manhattan College Summer Volunteers Project -Water Reservation in Mexico, 1964, sponsored by students of Manhattan College.  

Upon graduation from Manhattan College School of Mechanical Engineering. 
Took a long Greyhound Bus from NYC to Mexico City. It was a long ride with 10 other follow students from Manhattan College.

Peace Corps Volunteer, Electrification of A Third World Country, 1965. 

Fundraising Events: Dr. Yuen has performed live webinar events and radio shows to raise funds for different organizations as listed:

AARP, ASPCA, Toys for Tots, World Wildlife Funds, Homeless Children (JUCONI), Salvation Army, Animal Heroes, churches and public hospital in Toluca, Mexico, Addiction Clinic of Fundacion Dr. Villabos Vega in Mexico, Noetic Science, churches in the Philippines and The Church of Today in Detroit. MI, and Unity Churches in numerous cities in the USA, New York City Chinatown Yuen Method Fundraising Event, Bruce Lee Foundation, Contributor to Manhattan College, NYC, Martial Arts Museum, Burbank CA.

Contributor to Omstar International, Two Stroke Redesign for Motorcycle to lower auto and motorcycle emissions for Cleaner Air.

Environment Improvement Projects Planned in The Near Future:
(Fundraising by the Yuen Method without private and government grants or subsidies!)

1. Incineration of garbage and rubbish, less landfills and dumping into oceans.
2. Desalinating the oceans.
3. Engineer development and air purifiers built for the city, and communities in third world countries. 

To Fund College Studies: 
To perform unbiasedly the reliability and legitimacy of the Yuen Method ‘s claims to resolve. At Manhattan College, NYC and Cleveland Chiropractic University, KC.

The Uniqueness of Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C.
The Uniqueness of Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C. (with over 30 years as a Doctor of Chiropractic) is the immediate results he has on live audiences, TV viewers and radio listeners by answering all of their questions in a satisfactory fashion, and resolving effectively and consistently all problems that have been randomly presented by anyone singularly/or and in groups.  

He doesn’t accept that there is anything extraordinary about his success of achieving immediate results 100% of the time for anyone on the spot in a matter of seconds, verbalizing or not verbalizing the process. 

He has accepted that all human beings, all God’s living creatures and planet earth are of the highest technology. He has concluded this from his experiences as an aerospace engineer combined with the Chiro Science, Science of Immediate Results, the Science of Happiness and the Science of internal Fitness that he has implemented. 

When KungFu Dankeschon speaks, everyone listens including Dr. Yuen. Not in German but telepathically...
An Action Leader
Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, considered by his peers in the martial arts as a Great Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung-Fu, is 77 years of age. Dr. Yuen confirms that his age is what makes him 'great' as in great grandfather in a familial setting.

Dr. Yuen does not want to be a thought leader, he wants to be an action leader, to induce the right action to resolve life problems immediately, not sometime in the future.

There is no theory. No persuasive talking is required or used.  It is automatic actions and processing, not thinking. 
This leads to Immediate Results, which defies all arguments and debates and demands of further studies.

The Immediate Results are primarily resulted from Dr. Yuen’s education and experiences in Engineering Science and Technology, thousands of years of Kung Fu lineage and the clinical experiences of chiropractic science.

The physicality includes all of its physical surroundings and nonphysical factors of mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual causes of all symptoms and sensations such as pain, discomfort, irritation, hypersensitivity, achiness and pressure. A partial List of symptoms will be easily resolved and changed over the phone, and with callers during a radio show. 

These changes will be immediately perceived by all recipients. 

No improvements are based on belief, faith or positive emotions and affirmations. 

Surprisingly to all of Dr. Yuen’s skeptics and non-skeptics, he always achieves immediate proof that you can do this to improve your children, parents, grandparents and pets without speaking to them or being in their physical proximity or ever be confrontational.  

You can all do this and make improvements for each other! You can do more than just thinking the best for others or be worried and concerned for them, thinking that is all and the best you can do.

The many programs he has implemented include Mastery of Less Aging and Time programs for aging seniors to continue to improve their physical functions, mental faculties and performances on the spot within less than a minute. 
There are also Health/Fitness programs for improvement of injury recoveries as additional proof of the validity of this Yuen Method approach.

There are Relationship programs to improve the family dynamic, to resolve relationship problems immediately, plus a whole lot more in everything everyone wants to improve.

A Well Known Authour
Frequently appearing on the covers of numerous martial arts and health magazines. 
Dr. Yuen was selected as the technical and Kung-Fu advisor on the original “Kung-Fu” TV series and thus was instrumental in bringing authentic Kung-Fu to the international audience. He was the Kung-Fu instructor to the star of the show David Carradine. He has costarred in some episodes of the TV show plus responsible for Carradine’s Kung-Fu and Tai Chi workouts
A World Renowned Seasoned Speaker
Dr. Yuen has presented at thousands of speaking engagements and workshops throughout the world and directed countless people to experience immediate results without physical touch, verbalization or a need of translation. He has been a keynote speaker in many live and webinar events. 

Radio listeners have always acknowledged improvements in all the shows where he was guest. Results will be immediate, with 99.9% acknowledging improvement from all types of audiences.

Your stress, pain, fears/phobias, failures and unhappiness will be deleted on the spot, and you can do the same for yourself and others in the world. 

Dr. Yuen introduces the Science of Immediate Results, and the Science of Happiness, Science of Internal fitness and physical intelligence, which all humans can utilize at this juncture of our human history. We are more educated and more intelligent now. There is no need of curing, healing or prolonged treatments for any life afflictions. This isn’t a philosophy. It is 100% results driven.

You can see some of his lectures and immediate results on the videos below:

Celebrity Recognition
Just Come Of The Celebrities Who Have Consulted With Dr. Kam Yuen: Morgan Freeman, Steven Segal, Stacy Keach, John Saxon, Seal, David Carridine, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five, Robert De Niro, Chuck Norris, Tony Danza, Mrs. Martin Luther King, Morgan Fairchild, Bob Dylan, Sinbad, Paula Abdul, Jack Canfield And Many Other Famous Personalities!
From the LA Dodgers: Maury Wills, Manager Dave Roberts, Shawn Green and Adrián Beltré.
From the Community: LA Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Senator Isadora Hall III, CA District 35, LA City Mayor Office for outstanding contribution and work.

Education and Professional Experience
Kam Yuen, DC, Doctor of Chiropractic, Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu, Aerospace Engineer. Founder of the Yuen Method, WellnessBook, 
Author, Science of Immediate Results.

Greater Los Angeles Area, Real Time Answers and Resolutions.
Current: Real World Changes.
Real Time Wellness for Humanity, 
God's Creatures and Planet Earth!
Results with no time lag.

Formal Education: 

Manhattan College, School of Engineering, NYC – Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (1964); University of Santa Clara - Engineering and Mathematics; Santa Clara, CA; West LA City College; LA City College - 2 years Mandarin Chinese; CCLA (Cleveland Chiropractic College), Los Angeles; Emperor Acupuncture College; American Feng Shui Academy; Jing Wu Kung Fu Association of San Francisco; Shaolin Law Han Kung Fu School of Hong Kong, Tai Chi; Praying Mantis School of Kung Fu. 

Advanced Education:

Post graduate studies of engineering and mathematics at the University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA. 
Doctoral Degree in Chiropractic, LA, CA 

Independent Consultant & Employment:

Retained as an engineer for the NY Department of Water Reclamation. Engaged in the US Army Corp of Engineers for dredging waterway navigation of NYC harbors. 

Recruited by Lockheed Missiles and Space Co. Engineering Research and Development for spacecraft and satellites and missiles at Sunnyvale, CA, consultant for Hughes Aircraft Co. Engineering Research and Development for military aircraft at Los Angeles, CA. 

Volunteer Experience:

 Manhattan College Summer Water Reservation Project in Mexico, 1964 right after graduation. Peace Corps Volunteer, 1965. 

Previous Entrepreneurship: (Retired but Active.) Shaolin West Kung Fu Center, Tai Mantis Kung Fu Assn. USA. Initiated university/college Kung Fu programs at UCLA, USC, CSULA, CSUSF. Kung Fu programs at Los Angeles City College and Valley College, YMCA’s and Community Centers. This occurs before the Kung Fu TV series.

Speaker: Whole Life Expos, New Life Expo, Science and Consciousness Expo, Conscious Life Expos, Noetic Science, World Medical Qigong Conference, Beijing, China, Kaiser Permanente’s doctors, hospital workers and patients, Law Enforcement Agency Conference in CT, Chopra Center.

Presenter: Real Time Answers and Resolutions at Stanford University, CSUSF, CSUN, Valley City College, New York Acupuncture College.
Appeared on numerous Radio and TV Programs, local, national and international.

Performed: Kung Fu performances at NY Madison Square Garden, LA Sport Arena, Oakland Coliseum at their main arenas,

TV and Movie Screen Credits: Kung Fu Coordinator, Technical Adviser and Costarred with David Carradine, in the original TV Kung Fu Series and Feature Film: Circle of Iron.

Dr. Yuen’s Wikipedia listing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kam_Yuen

Fundraising Events: Dr. Yuen has done live webinar events and radio shows to raise funds for different organizations such as AARP, ASPCA, World Wildlife Funds, homeless children (JUCONI), Animal Heroes, churches and public hospital in Toluca, Mexico, Noetic Science numerous churches in the Philippines and The Church of Today in Detroit. MI, and Unity Churches in the USA.

The Yuen Method has bought immediate results to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. 
"I had suffered with lower back pain for 20 years. Dr. Yuen worked on me at the first seminar I attended of his, and the pain was gone in five minutes! It has not come back, I can press in on my back all day and feel no pain.” - Judy Noble

"It works..."
Review By swammy3mommy
Be prepared for anything and do the applications suggested. This has relieved anguishing pain for myself and my kids when all else failed. Results speak for themselves.

"No more suffering of any kind and it is very easy. 
Anyone can do it..."
Review By Olga
This book truly is life changing, everybody should read it. No more suffering of any kind and it is very easy. Anyone can do it. I would give 20 stars if you had this qualification available.

"Really Amazing..."
Review By Sharon D. Bailey
Yuen Method is AMAZING. I use several healing techniques in my healing practice and the Yuen Method is the BEST for miraculous INSTANT shifts. 

"Most important book..."
Review By G R Warder
This is the most important book I have ever read bar non. The YuenMethod has changed my whole family for the better and put us all on the road to manifesting our infinite potential. 

"I have been using this knowledge with amazing results."
Review By Patrick OKeefe
I have been using this knowledge with amazing results and have really moved forward in my life. Pain free and loving it. thanks Dr. Yuen

"Migraine Free After Decades Of Suffering"
Review By Julie Rahm
For everyone who has suffered in pain, this book and it's content are for you! For decades I suffered from migraines that would last for days. Doctors and other "experts" told me the problem was everything from dehydration, my monthly cycle, too much "stress", cheese, red wine, chocolate, …They were all WRONG! Dr. Yuen's method worked and I'm migraine-free. Whatever your stress or pain, what you'll learn in the book works.

Review By Judith Morales
 I have used this for 14 years with outstanding results on anything from minor afflictions to major issues. Nothing else gets results like the Yuen method.

" Student of The Yuen Method"
Review By Luz Elba Lenhardt
The explanations on how to delete are so easy and very fast. I had the opportunity to use it on myself. I crashed my car last Sunday and my neck got affected something with the muscle that goes to the right shoulder. When I got to the first lesson, I did it on me and the pain was gone like magic. Now I am using it for many other corrections. I LOVE IT! Thank you very much.

I attended the last live seminar in L.A. I had shoulders pain and general weakness. I followed the live class teachings and downloads; pain 50% gone by end of first day and completely gone by end of second day; same for weakness gone! . Thank you Dr. Yuen and Marnie - Sagrario

About two years ago, I had a fall and received multiple lower back injuries which forced me to discontinue work and seek medical assistance. A neurologist had several MRIs taken which disclosed three herniated and two bulging discs in the lumbar region of my back. This, along with associated torn ligaments made it difficult to tolerate physical therapy. The medical regime only allowed me to sit, stand and walk for not more than about twenty minutes at a time.” “At Dr. Yuen’s lectures/demonstration I was very impressed with the quick results obtained with people in the audience, but doubted if anyone could help me, after all, there was documented “medical evidence” that my injuries were “real”. (Perhaps the others were psychosomatic?)” “However, it took about 30 seconds of Dr. Yuen’s time to completely release and clear the worst pain in my lower back at the herniated area. And permanently so far! That is, there is no indication of pain and I have not taken one drug or pain pill since he worked on me! This is no less than miraculous.!” - Kathy, New York