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Appreciation to you of assisting the Yuen Method Facebook to over 100K milestone,

you are now called to action to put the Coronavirus in its place.

Instead of being put to sleep by the ongoing rhetoric, which may even be permanent for some people, you are awakened and stronger than this Coronavirus and all viruses that ever existed down through human history.

To know why the Common Cold, has already predetermine the eradication the Coronavirus.

No research scientist is going to solve Coronavirus since Common Cold hasn’t gotten any resolving results. After decades and centuries of dealing with that. You can solve the problem if you are not weakened mentally and spiritually by the questions associated with the problem.

  • You will be demonstrated and experience in these webinars how the Common Cold will be solved on the spot if you or a family member have one.

  • You will experience how your mental and spiritual resistances to keeping your Common Cold will be demolished and deleted.

  • You will experience how all your life fears will be deleted” on the spot as all computers can.

  • You will experience all your previous negative thinking and emotions will be gone and “deleted” and not be troubled by them in your future.

Come and Join our Resolving Webinar of No More Talks about the problems.

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