Mental Health Revolution + 20 min Special Consultation Meeting – Yuen Method


Our Error Is Your Benefit

Dr. Yuen here. All the best to you!

I want to start your Mental resolving program with you this coming Monday, June 5th at 12Noon, PST on Zoom. Twenty minutes each time we meet.
Your subscription will continue for a whole month of July and even continuously ongoing forever since about 45 million people are affected worldwide, according to World Health Organization.

This is more than the 20 minutes you were told you will receive.

Affiliation Commissions Are Available for this event. You will be paid for referring family, friends, coworkers, etc., who may be classified as having mental disorders.
It is available in Spanish and English for people to purchase the prerecorded program.
I will personally give everyone solutions to any challenging mental problems in a family member who is destructive and suicidal, do not get along with others, neighbors, the community, and the nation?
You and I can stop the insanity of people shooting others at workplaces and seemingly at random, but not.
It disturbs everyone when a person works to support their family and never returns home because some lunatic in a lunatic nation have guns to shoot unarmed civilians.
You and I can stop the mental cruelty to animals, other living things and even Planet Earth itself.
Would you please list one leading mental problem you have dealt with and want solutions for before naming an additional one?
My solution is not dealing with them mentally but physically without physical exercises or drills. It is not all in conflict with other conventional psychological approaches.

Mental Health Revolution +
20 min Special Consultation Meeting
US $697.00
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Revolución de la salud mental +
Reunión de consulta especial de 20 min
US $697.00
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