Pets and Childrens Clinic

If you have or know of injured pets and animals

in pain from illness or having behavioral problems.

The Yuen Method (YM) can resolve them remotely without seeing them.

The YM can resolve them from a distance without seeing them without prolonging

their suffering and agony, leading to invasive procedures.

YM has been doing this successfully for decades. It is time for

most of the human population to know this for the sake of humans and animals.

There is no placebo when it comes to pets and animals.

We have resolved dogs, cats and horses, and birds.

YM improves children as it does and has for all pets and animals

YM can do the same for children as it does and has for all

pets and animals by consistently activating their physical and

spiritual intelligence through the Central Nervous System (CNS) and internal computer.

With less contradictory mental thinking, emotions, reaction,

psychological, and psychic dependency.

In addition, with PI & SI, you can improve your children’s

physical and spiritual intelligence (PI & SI) in knowing the subjects in school.

Every Monday

2pm to 3pm Pacific Time.
Weekly Clinic
Live Zoom Webinar.

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