Longevity with Increase Quality of Life for Seniors.

Especially including you becoming your strongest in wealth, health, and often perfect relationships, among other things in life.

This perfect ongoing program is for you, and other seniors in your life, particularly family members, and me, Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, since I am over 80 years of age. I will perfect this for everyone, myself included, even those of you who are in your forties.

Just for Health, we will:

  • Able to eliminate your feeble, forgetful, confusing, conflicting minds forever.
  • Activate your brain and central nervous system and turn on your physical intelligence.
  • Activate your internal qi, which you don’t know existed, and apply it and not insulted it as an obsolete topic of discussion.
  • Able to communicate best with other humans, animals, and physical surroundings and the intelligence of Planet Earth without arguments and debates.
  • To resolve and improve everything on this Planet and not make anything worse.
  • Strengthen their skeletal structures, including the realignment of broken and fractured bones.
  • Quickly reduce your pain, hostile and over-reactive behaviors, and overly stressfulness, anxiety, and fears, even including the fear of dying.
  • Strengthen your hips and legs when they previously can’t stand and walk.
  • Take away chronic itching when the best shampoo, supplements, and medicine didn’t.

Plus, a whole lot more!

It is from the sciences of Shaolin Kung Fu, Chiropractic,

Engineering, and Dr. Yuen, founder of the Yuen Method’s science of Immediate Results.

You will note the immediate small or huge improvements — no waiting for results.

Even though we are up in age, we still can have investments in our future.

  • Especially investment in yourself.
  • Invest in your wealth and well being.
  • Resolve poverty from your minds, ancestral, cultural, and religious beliefs.
  • Not cutting back and save the limited resources that you have.
  • Not generate stagnation of finances as a beginning of mental/physical disease.
  • You can still invest in additional financial resources by your investments with us.

Every Monday
12pm to 1pm Pacific Time.
Weekly Clinic
Live Zoom Webinar.

$97.00 / month

Price can change without notification.

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