You are invited to...

Join my special group interaction

Of limited to max 5 to 6 attendees semi-private special needs and requests.

I will meet with you (the group) one hour twice a week* and you will receive recording after your sessions.

You will continue to be strengthened by what was initiated for you in our initial two meetings, whether you choose to continue or not. Yes, this is your formal initiation! In which everything starting from your quantum particles, atoms, molecules, and all of your physicality will be initiated.

It will center on:

1. Money/finances/prosperity.

You will receive a list of common stocks, which I myself purchase to ensure it will be profitable.

2. What and how products supporting the yuen method will be used to resolve all health problems. How to generate revenues with these products.

3. How to consistently resolve the adverse accumulative effects of the past and strongly predetermine your desirable future. Of course, this includes money/finances/prosperity, maximal health, and longevity from having mastery over time.

(*The price of the interaction includes 2 X 50 minute meetings scheduled within 2 weeks of each other.)


Special Group Interaction (2-3 People)



Special Group Interaction (3-4 People)


Special Group Interaction (5-6 People)