Weight And Body Size Reduction



can become


without following

strict and special diets

and strenuous exercises.

The YM Program activates the Central Intelligence of your Central Nervous System to monitor and direct what is suitable for you without too much effort on your part.


You can achieve much quicker results...

with less effort with your body weight and body size when YM activates your physical intelligence than when you are utilizing mainly your mind and mental psychology.

YM has solved many people's functional health problems...

YM has solved many people's functional health problems in addition to body weight and size.


YM has resolved all relationship problems that can lead to uncontrollable binge eating and resistance to streamlining and lightening your body.


YM has resolved many people's problems with prosperity that destabilize, decenter, and unbalance their physical intelligence—making it difficult to achieve the body sizes and weights they want and desire.

Resolve the mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual resistances that add weight and size to your body quickly on the spot.

Resolves the external and internal dynamics and influences that affect your body weight and size. By utilizing advanced Feng Shui, Qigong, and Chiropractic Principles, you never experienced before.

  • Detoxifies - removes internal toxicity
  • Desalinating - removes the extra salts
  • Dehydrate - removes the excess water
  • Each person must have a personal membership.
  • Each member can state and request what they need, want, and desire to change.
  • Receive weekly individual and group support without violating your privacy.
  • You can enroll yourself in this program.
  • And you can enroll by proxy someone else who needs and wants help with their body weight and size.
  • You will be continuously supported daily in between the live meetings to reach your goal.
  • A personal app will soon be provided for you!

4 LIVE Meetings A Month
Every Tuesday
@12pm Pacific Time.
Bilingual English/Spanish

$97.00 / Monthly Subscription**

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**If you wish to cancel your subscription please inform us before your subscription is going to renew at https://yuenmethod.com/contact/, Thank you so much.