Want to experience the quickest, easiest, and most precise way to improve ALL aspects of your life, as well as in the life of others globally?

Activate and experience the exact physical, and  Intellectual Process to reach your Infinite Potential and Beyond within seconds in less than one minute! 

With the Yuen Method Infinite Potential and Beyond, you will immediately experience the instantaneous improving changes and benefits. It will happen at physical speeds faster than the slowness of your mind’s thinking and any spiritual journeys you may decide to take. 

Join and become an associate of YMI, A Real Support Group to Resolve all life problems immediately, yours and others.  Using your physical Intelligence in real time with warp speed beyond what you can ever imagine.

You will receive:

  • 4X per month Live Virtual Online resolving improvements.
  • Joint venture to increase revenue and your bottom line. 
  • Be a synergistic member of the winning team, bar none. 

Yes! I want to improve and benefit 
all aspects of my and others life aspirations 
in real time and at warp speed! 

Warning: This is NOT a traditional support group by name… But a Real Support Group that was meant to be. When this group improves, the individuals automatically improve. When the individual improves, the 
group improves exponentially generated by the individuals and this group collective physical and innate intelligence.

Resonate with what's inside this Real Support Group.

Unveil and unleash your physical intelligence in sync with the infinite and beyond infinite physical universe. Not continually hindered by others mental and spiritual misgivings.


"I have had noteworthy improvements immediately, since becoming an associate! I am now actively pursuing my life’s purpose and career thanks to Dr. Yuen and Yuen Method Infinite Support Grou[! There is no slowness here!”  

Stephanie Bridges


"The experiences Ive had with Yuen Method Infinite Support Group have changed me, my family, and my pets life! I'm now pain + stress free. Thank you so much Dr. Yuen. I am certain of my future and my children and aging parents futures without any doubts whatsoever!"

Lindsey Gilmore

Business Coach


You will find this global Real Support Group to be beyond yours and everyone’s expectations. It is the consistent, quick resolve in less than one-minute in-your-face without speaking volume. It resolves without uttering a single word while others speak volume without resolving anything. We want you to have immediate resolutions, not more talks and speeches. 

Open and are willing to accept all challenges and scrutiny from any  government agencies, committees, schools, universities, organizations, churches, the UN the Pope himself and the Dalai Lama too. 

Also available in spanishTambién disponible en español.