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Steps to Certification Specials

Become a YM Certified Consultant, YMCC, and YM Mastery is the best life financial investment you can make.

You will be eligible to join the YM Affiliated and Corporate Plus Financial Return Investments Programs.

When you become qualified, you can establish a Global consultant online business. Your initial investment can increase in many folds. You can become financially independent and have the best retirement program bar none. One consulting appointment once a week will provide you more than any retirement program. You can choose to reside anywhere in the world. You will not tie to any physical location.

You will be given continuous weekly interactions with Dr. Yuen and his qualified YMCC and have your problems resolve, worth more than $10,000 annually.

Yuen Method is the gold standard of all consultant businesses by independent reviews and your immediate experiences.

It may well be your first time on an apprenticeship program by a doctor with decades of mentoring and consulting. Not from consultants who have taken a few weekend seminars and can’t achieve any tangible results for you.

Your certification will be active for an entire year after the date of purchase on your invoice.

Full Certification
+ Course Requirements.

5,285.00 | $2,114.00

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Get Started Bundle
Certification + Module 1, 2, 3.

3,694.00 | $1,477.60

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Course Requirements Only.
Certification requirements all in one.

$2,588.00 | $1,035.20

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Course and Clinic Specials

Life & Sports Injuries Weekly Clinic
Sign Up for 3 months, get the 4th month FREE*

$291.00 / 4 months

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Addictions Tele Clinic Special
$91.00 off the clinic for a limited time

$291.00 | $200.00

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Mental Health Ongoing Resolution Clinic.
Discounted rate until the end of the month.

$697.00 | $348.50

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Yuen Method also provides weekly do-it-for-you group clinics and apprenticeships to:

*The regular price after Aug 1st is $297/month. It worth every dollar to be able to return and improves your physical performance.

Special Group Interaction

Special Group Interaction (2-3 People)
20% off for a limited time.

$1,500.00 | $1,200.00

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Special Group Interaction (3-4 People)
20% off for a limited time.

$2,000.00 | $1,600.00

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Special Group Interaction (5-6 People)
20% off for a limited time.

$2,500.00 | $2,000.00

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