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Certified Consultants

What is a Yuen Method Certified Consultant?

Yuen Method Certified Consultants have participated in a minimum of six training modules and at least one, five week Tele-Clinic.  They have completed the Official Yuen Method certified consultant one- year program, and have trained with Dr. Yuen personally!

The names listed below are the ONLY Certified Consultants AUTHORIZED to give Yuen Method Consultations. We do not authorize any other TITLES – such as Facilitator or Coach – please send any questions or if you want to report any misrepresentations of the Yuen Method to [email protected].

They are tested to ensure they know the latest techniques and methods Dr. Yuen has being using to improve hundreds of thousands of lives for over half a century.

Certified Consultants:

Adella Wooden – Union City, GA – United States

Chung Kit Lam – Hung Hom, Kowloon – Hong Kong

Lourdes villa Novillo – Madrid – Spain

Brian B. – North Central Florida – United States

Bruce Anthony – Sacramento, CA – United States

Cesar Galindo – Eagle Pass, TX – United States

Christoph Hofer – Vienna, Vienna – Austria

Cyndi Stangl – Austin, TX – United States

Derick Carter – Bethesda, Maryland – United States

Dhanya Omana – Moroleon, Guanajuato – Mexico

Diana Thele  – Copper Canyon, TX – United States

Diane Oriza – Brooksville, FL – United States

Dilpreet Thiara – Surrey, British Columbia – Canada

Doris Klumb – Rengsdorf, Rheinland-Pfalz – Germany

Gabrielle Chavez – Oregon City, OR – United States

Gale Hogan – Worley, Idaho – United States

George Laudikos – Odense C, Syddenmark – Denmark

Gerard Grange  – New York, New York – United States

Gus Guse – Des Moines, IA – United States

Gustavo Hung – Lima – Peru

Hortencia Tijerina – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – Mexico

Iris Schäfer-Schulz – Hinte, Niedersachsen – Germany

Julia Grace McCammon  – Kitchener, Ontario – Canada

Jan Anderson – Hong Kong, Hong Kong – Hong Kong

Jill Petersen  – Las Vegas, Nevada – United States

Jill Homer – Mesa, AZ – United States

John Healey – Oxford, Oxfordshire – United Kingdom

Joseph Campagna – New York, NY – United States

Juan Fortin  – Berkeley, Ca – United States

Dr. Liam Stone – Austin, Texas – United States

Linda Goodling  – Washougal, WA – United States

Linda Haller – Basel, Switzerland – Switzerland

Lisa Black – Hendersonville, NC – United States

Luis Nobrega – La Laguna, Santa Cruz De Tenerife – Spain

Marcela Riojas – San Antonio, TX – United States

Mary Taylor – Oro Valley, AZ – United States

Nicole Haller – Charlottesville, VA – United States

Nils Krisemendt – Hemer, Nordrhein Westfalen – Germany

Olga Kouchnirenko-Pleskonos – Ukraine

Paul Skidmore  – Baltimore, MD – United States

Paz Lopez – San Sebastion de los Reyes, Madrid – Spain

Pedro Silva – Bogota, cundinamarca – Colombia

Radojka Kusic – Toronto, ON – Canada

Raul Phoenix – Los Angeles, California – United States

Sergio Lozada – Laredo, TX – United States

Sudanasia Shabazz-Allah – New York, New York – United States

Verity Tamakloe – Centreville, Virginia – United States

Verna Fouché – Mossel Bay – South Africa

Willow Yu Kowloon, Hong Kong

Certified Consultant – Geetha Padmanabhan

Certified in 2021

Certified Consultant – Manuel Márquez Flores
Sandra Kale – Certified Consultant
Certified Consultant – Alejandro Antonio Candia Guzmán

Certified in 2022

Certified Consultant – Hazael Verduzco Partida
Certfied Consultant – Rafael Venegas Cervantes
Certified Consultant – Lidia Saadia
Certified Consultant – Valeria Marruenda
Certified Consultant – Elena Moreno
Certified Consultant – Joana Navarro Fuentes
Certified Consultant – Cibeles Priego Navarro
Certified Consultant – Maria de los Milagros Rojas Pineda

Certified in 2023

Certified Consultant – Sabine Moosmaier
Certified Consultant – Maria de los Angeles Gascó Grisolía
Certified Consultant – Alexandra Rabago
Certified Consultant – Maria García Ruiz
Certifed Consultant – Pavla Blackmore