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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Yuen Method Certified Consultant?

Yuen Method Certified Consultants have participated in a minimum of six training modules and at least one, five week Tele-Clinic.  They have completed the Official Yuen Method certified consultant one- year program, and have trained with Dr. Yuen personally!
They are tested to ensure they know the latest techniques and methods Dr. Yuen has being using to improve hundreds of thousands of lives for over half a century.

What is a Yuen Method Certified Instructor? 

Yuen Method Certified Instructors have participated in a minimum of six training modules, and at least one, five week Tele-Clinic.  They have completed the Official Yuen Method certified consultant one- year program, plus an additional three years of personalized monthly training with Dr. Yuen, and they are required to participate each calendar year in the latest training courses with Dr. Yuen.
They are tested to ensure they know the latest techniques and methods Dr. Yuen has being using to improve hundreds of thousands of lives for over half a century.

They are licensed to teach Yuen Method Module 1-2-3.

Are Certified Instructors Licensed to teach specialized courses, or Modules other than 1-2-3?

No. Only Dr. Yuen teaches Yuen Method Modules 4-9  and specialized courses.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. What are some examples of Chronic Pain problems that the Yuen Method resolves?

A. The two most common chronic pain problems are LOW BACK PAIN and HEADACHES

Chronic Pain:
1. Back pain/low back pain
2. Headaches-migraine/cluster/all others
3. Sports injuries (may be chronic or acute)
4. Joint problems, knee, elbow, wrist, shoulder, hip, ankle
5. Repetitive stress injuries
6. Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis
7. Fibromyalgia
8. Neck pain
9. Cancer pain
10. Menstrual pain
11. Crohn’s disease, other gastro-intestinal problems
12. Facial ache or pain

Neuropathic Pain: (this is chronic pain that involves the nervous system)
1. Multiple Sclerosis
2. Nerve Damage
3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
4. Shingles
5. Diabetic Neuropathy
6. Sciatica

Emotional Aspects of Chronic Pain:
1. Frustration
2. Anger
3. Anxiety
4. Stress
5. Depression


Q. What is the difference between Chronic Pain and Acute Pain and can you use the Yuen Method on acute pain?

A. Chronic pain often starts out as acute pain. If the pain lasts more than ninety days it is reclassified as chronic pain.


1. Burns or cuts
2. Dental work
3. Whiplash
4. Post-surgical
5. Broken bones
6. Labor and childbirth
7. Sinusitis
8. Sore throat
9. Ear ache

Stress Trigger Points for Acute or Chronic Stress
Use the Yuen Method for any of the following:

1. Money/Financial Problems

Financial trouble is a common source of stress. Credit card debt, rent, the inability to provide for a family, or not being able to make ends meet can put a serious amount of stress on a person. According to the APA, 75 % of Americans say that finances are a significant source of stress in their life.

2. Work-Related Problems

Research has shown that pressure and conflict from a job can be a major source of stress for many people. According to the APA, as of 2011, it is estimated that 70% of Americans experience significant stress related to their work. 25% say WORK is the major cause of stress in their life.

Other studies show that 70% of Americans hate their job.

c) Working LONG HOURS
e) TALENTS, GROWTH, OR CREATIVITY not being fostered
h) Having to give SPEECHES in front of colleagues
i) Facing DISCRIMINATION or HARASSMENT at work, especially if your company isn’t supportive.

3. Relationships Problems

ARGUMENTS WITH A SPOUSE: The stress attributed to marital disputes definitely takes its toll not only on the people involved but on the marriage, as well. Spend ten minutes a day using the Yuen Method on yourself and your mate for two weeks and seriously, you’ll be shocked at the serenity that ensues. Frequent arguments with parents or children can be just as stressful especially if you’re living together. Problems among other members of the family, even when you’re not directly involved, can cause additional stress. When you delete your own underlying weaknesses, you definitely will IMPROVE THE RAPPORT WITH YOUR CHILDREN, your PARENTS and your MATE.

4. Health Problems

Aging, diagnosis of a new disease, complications from a current illness, and negative symptoms can increase stress. Even when someone close to you has health problems, it can increase your stress levels. The APA reports that the same percentage (55%) of people report that their own health is causing them stress as those who report a family member’s health problems are stressing them.

5. Life Changes

The death of a loved one, changing jobs, pregnancies, bringing home a new baby, moving houses, divorce, and sending a child off to college are examples of big life changes that can be stressful. Even positive changes like retirement and getting married can cause a significant amount of stress.

6. Constant Caregiving

It’s bad enough when you get sick yourself, but if you’re the constant caregiver to a parent, a child, or a sick spouse, stress can accumulate rapidly.

7. Taking on Too Much

There are lots of reasons we struggle with telling other people “no,” even if we’re already overloaded. Some people are bound by guilt or obligation. Others believe they really can do it all. Use the Yuen Method to strengthen yourself for saying NO.

8. Striving to Be Perfect

Your meticulous nature and Type-A personality may be the source of much of your success — but if the thought of making even a tiny mistake paralyzes you with fear, your perfectionism is definitely stressing you out.

9. Time Constraints

Greater demands are being placed on our personal and professional lives than ever before. More and more of us wake feeling overwhelmed with all we have to do.

Use the Yuen Method to delete your chronic/acute stress and overwhelm.

* Find the true underlying reasons/causes/sources for anyone’s overwhelm/stress from money/financial, relationship, health and time constraint problems in seconds and delete them on the spot

* Find the true underlying reasons/causes/sources of stress from perfectionism, life changes and constant caregiving and delete them

* Strengthen yourself for being able to say “no” rather than taking on too much.

* Experience ZERO OVERWHELM and STRESS at work, home and social settings…

* Change your PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE effectively on the spot with regard to FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, PAIN and STRESS, FULFILLMENT and other LIFE PROBLEMS

Q. Can any problem be permanently resolved in one session?

A. Not always, but it will definitely be greatly improved. If there are remaining undetected weaknesses that have not been deleted, there will be a need for a second or even third session. The more complicated the problem, the longer the person has had it, and the older the person is, the more weaknesses there are that have accrued.

Q. How do we know this is not a placebo effect?

A. Occasionally, the success of the Yuen Method has been attributed to a “placebo effect.” We counter this by pointing out that over the years we have worked on THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS achieving the same outstanding results. For example, we both recall when an elderly pet dog slowly limped down the aisle of a live demonstration, all the while whining at his owner. Within two minutes of non-touch treatment, with tail wagging and no visible limp, the dog ran at full speed back up the aisle and began barking. The owner was so amazed and touched by the change in her dog that she began to cry. It is difficult to argue this change was a “placebo effect.”

Q. Does the Yuen Method help with dieting?

A. Consider following a diet and exercise plan. You may end up looking and thinking that you feel great. But what you really are doing is devoting enormous time, determination, and struggle to something that could happen naturally, automatically, effortlessly and with no attention on your part. If the underlying weaknesses causing weight gain were corrected and deleted from all parts of your mind, the solution would be permanent, without stress and in the process of being “corrected,” your ego would become detached from the collective thought, “Never too thin! Thin is beautiful and will make me happy.” Your mental energy then can be directed toward something which actually fulfills you.

Q. Is belief required for the Yuen Method to work?

A. No. We assure you that no belief is required.

Q. What if I can’t learn the technique from the book?

A. Dr. Yuen offers free live Tele-Clinics usually on a weekly basis solving the problems of the first fifty people who call in. If you like what you hear, you can sign up for one of the Tele-Courses where you will learn and experience the principles of the Yuen Method application as Dr. Yuen teaches the course.

Q. Why Is The Yuen Method More Successful In Achieving Results As Compared to Other Techniques:

A. Enthusiastically following some kind of game plan and strategy that has worked for others to solve your problems often sounds like an enticing and logical solution. Unfortunately, the underlying reasons that have created each and every one of your problems and that likewise have prevented your wants, needs and desires from manifesting, even the very nature of your specific desires themselves are never apparent to your conscious mind and cannot be permanently, completely and effortlessly resolved by any instrument of the conscious mind.

The true causes/reasons/sources (weaknesses) of any problem are buried in the subconscious and unconscious minds and are unique to each person.
Two hundred people can have the identical problem, let’s say it’s a physical problem, such as scoliosis. The weaknesses causing this problem will be unique to each person, both in the number of weaknesses and what the weaknesses are. The Yuen Method has created a step-by-step process to isolate the precise weaknesses for any problem you can imagine.

So, that’s the first step – find the weaknesses. The second step is to delete each weakness permanently and completely. The conscious mind has no ability to do this. The conscious mind can rarely “let go” or release any emotion, belief or anything else based on an intention to do so, and a deletion is far more than just a release or a letting go.