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Certified Consultant – Geetha Padmanabhan

Certified Consultant – Geetha Padmanabhan

My expertise is in Alternative Medicine, Energy Modalities and predominantly the Yuen Method ( which achieves immediate results. As Dr Kam Yuen D.C. himself states, it is the Science of Immediate Results.

I began my career as a chartered accountant. I worked in corporate setting for close to a decade and a half and still contribute as an independent director of a listed company in Singapore.

I am a mother of three and my eldest daughter had certain special needs since birth. As all parents do, we were trying many alternative treatments and therapies since the time of her infancy when we came upon Yuen Method. My daughter was going through one of the toughest periods in her life and as the saying goes “when you touch rock bottom, there is no way to go, but UP”. It has been a wondrous journey of discovery and empowerment for her as well as the whole family since then. It may not have always been easy but we experience the journey with more awareness and ease.

I was powerfully attracted to this avenue of handling issues and almost immediately embarked on a learning journey. It’s been 8 years now since I started as a practitioner – a most fulfilling experience.

My vision is to bring this to everybody especially to children so they grow up with understanding and strength. Then happiness and success is not by accident.
It would be a fine world indeed when the individual works in alignment with the whole and finds fulfillment with his unique contribution to that whole.

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