February 17, 2016 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

For anything and everything in your life –
for yourself, for others and particularly all your family members!

 Watch Dr. Yuen’s and Marnie Greenberg’s LIVE Tele-Clinic
presentation that was filmed on Tuesday, February 16, 2016:



  • Chronic Physical Pain
  • Aging Pain – Rejuvenation
  • Anxiety & Overwhelming Stress
  • Painful Divorce or Breakups
  • Unwanted separation due to job or personal demands
  • Stressful financial pressures
  • Balance of work and family
  • Domestic problems & violence
  • Negative emotions/experiences (anger, resentments)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Infidelity
  • Hostile conflict between family members
  • Inability to manage or resolve conflicts
  • Chronic crises or unexpected upheavals
  • Death of a loved one
  • Addiction



NOTE: If you already watched the stream in real time, you will also benefit from watching a second time as the strengthening and deletion that Dr. Yuen and Marnie demonstrated will be reinforced. 



Leslie 2016-02-05 | 16:23
In SO many ways…I have been living in Neutrality with the help of Dr. Yuen and Marnie for about 12 yrs. now. Thank you so Much!!!!

Leah 2016-02-08 | 20:04
I’ve watched my daughter’s health improve – beyond what many believed was possible, one of her doctors said she’s a miracle child! I love helping others, too!

Claudia Roxana Zepeda Arriola 2016-02-05 | 21:21
I’m Very Well

Alberto 2016-02-06 | 05:56
It has made me more in charge of my life and future possibilities.

Martha Villarreal 2016-02-06 | 06:06
Has definitely changed my family life!

Laura 2016-02-06 | 06:57
Yes, health and relationships. Working on career and achievements now. Thank you!

Cynthia 2016-02-06 | 10:56
It has changed it a lot. I attended the conferences when Dr. Yuen and Marnie had them in Detroit Michigan many years ago. Unfortunately I have not practiced and have forgotten much of what I learned. I look forward to these webinars to take advantage of what I have not practiced and consequently have forgotten. Cynthia

Sonja 2016-02-06 | 12:16
I feel more in charge of my life and handle stress much better.

Beverly 2016-02-06 | 16:54
Gave me a tool for healing & becoming who I am

Saja 2016-02-07 | 03:35
It’s very simple, yet complex in the results

William 2016-02-09 | 05:08
I did feel more centered at times

Jeanne 2016-02-09 | 05:51
I always feel stronger as a whole, just being in the energy of the call and it continues to be a part of my experience. I have had physical changes as well. I love the purity of the Yuen Method. No BS or fluff. It has the honesty that I crave in my life, and living. Thank you for Sharing. Jeanne

Akemi 2016-02-09 | 06:03
The clinics I have attended eliminated a lot of pain for me. I am much improved.

Claudia 2016-02-09 | 06:16
Yuen Method has changed my life in many ways!! I now work with clients daily with your Method and astonishing changes are occurring for many! I love Yuen Method!

Carla 2016-02-09 | 06:17
It deleted a bunch of negative feelings and helped me to release thoughts and things that I no longer need in my life…. Thank you so much!!

Marcus 2016-02-09 | 07:05
I am a calmer person with less reactions.

Denise 2016-02-09 | 07:50
Yes, things are faster and better life in the holiday season. I do corrections daily and have seen my family life improve and we no longer use regular AMA medicine. Got the mind out of the way!

Maria 2016-02-09 | 08:05
I´m taking therapy with a Yuen practicioner and I have been improving things in so many ways that I totally believe in the method. I´m from Mexico City.

Monica 2016-02-09 | 08:11
I now remember to delete on the spot when things get tense. Still working on the backlog of stuff I need to delete!

Randy 2016-02-09 | 08:15
This time, yes, mainly through the information I gathered watching you both work on others. Dr. Yuen’s methods and teachings have changed and improved my life for over twenty years in many ways.

Jan Yates 2016-02-09 | 08:20
My ROM in my right shoulder is much better.

Jeannette 2016-02-09 | 08:37
My life is improved because I feel empowered to make changes for myself and others. For that I am eternally grateful to Dr. Yuen.

Ivana 2016-02-09 | 08:49
I am more present here in this world. Like the clouds dissolved.

Sally 2016-02-09 | 09:27
It is immeasurable how much YM has helped me! Thank you Dr. Yuen and Marnie 🙂

Brenda 2016-02-09 | 09:57
In every way!

Donna 2016-02-09 | 10:04
The Yuen Method has allowed me to improve my health and allowed me to let go of some old harbored feelings that I had held onto. It has also given me more awareness overall.

Carol 2016-02-09 | 10:13
Meeting Dr Yuen was like cracking the shell of a limited belief system that was containing me, rather than empowering me to manage my life and flourish beyond my dreams.

Nicole 2016-02-09 | 10:25
The Yuen Method has Improved My life and people around Me. It is a tool of everyday life for everyone you encounter … Thank You Dr Yuen!

Bruce 2016-02-09 | 10:33
I did the New Year’s tele-course.
I have clearer thinking and feeling in general

Carolyn Goldman 2016-02-09 | 11:00
Yes, just feeling better in general during and after the livestream.
I am a little more able to experience being neutral in response to others and my own life situations and feel a little stronger physically and emotionally for which I am very grateful, but feel I really need to be more involved with courses and learning this amazing method and though doing my best to connect to my physical intelligence, still have been unable to manifest any funds to do so which feels sad to me.

Nate 2016-02-09 | 11:14
Clarity, focus, calmness, stress reduction, hope

RICK 2016-02-09 | 11:16
Have all his books and tapes, was able to get to level one and I practice what little I know between me and my wife and it works most of the time. Been following the Dr for several years and now have your new book.

Bre 2016-02-09 | 11:31
Expanded my thinking

Angela 2016-02-09 | 11:49
Only attend replays because I live in a different time zone.
I’m fascinated by the changes – I did a private session with Dr Yuen about a year ago and my waist line shrunk in 3 inches – I’m 2 size smaller clothes and I didn’t do anything. I just don’t get how to apply this to my life – I’m not sure how you get the inspiration to know what to strengthen and when you do what happens and how you think about it so it happens -I’ve read the book but I’m not getting it. I’ve watched the starter video and I’ve done the year long subscription but I can’t see what happens in the healer’s head. If I could, I would heal myself of the chronic lack of money that stops me from being able to do all the trainings!!

Sangieta 2016-02-09 | 11:51
I attended the delete pain clinic and the pain in my right arm is gone. I also joined the financial course, but this seems a little difficult to comprehend; wish I had joined the clinic.

Xus Martí 2016-02-09 | 12:03
Yes, I have experienced changes. I felt very good after.
A lot, I usually practice it every day and I am very happy to know it, it is a privilege.

Michele 2016-02-09 | 12:07
It has improved my life.

Margaret 2016-02-09 | 13:02
It has strengthened areas both for my health, that of my family, as well as relationships. It has helped in ways that I was discouraged about and did not think there was a solution. There is a better flow for my life with the Yuen Method.

Jesseka 2016-02-09 | 13:07
Lots of new perspectives and ideas, which is wonderful, exciting -some new skills (which I love and get excited about the practice a lot), but then I can’t seem to move beyond a certain beginning level (10 years of courses off and on, including live and tele-clinics) -sometimes temporary relief of my own symptoms from corrections done in the courses, but no lasting relief or total healing or shift. It’s been years since I’ve had a Dr. Yuen treatment; I’d love one but they are very expensive.

Nesha 2016-02-09 | 14:16
I am empowered to empower and strengthen all aspects in life.

Noelle 2016-02-09 | 14:48
Much more control of my life. I’m my own healer. I can do “adjustments” every day for one “thing” or another.

Linda 2016-02-09 | 15:18
A Lot! I have done a lot of courses and I like to work with this Method and make instant changes for my clients and my family.

John 2016-02-09 | 15:31
5-week session plus monthly Club sessions – I am a convert!
Less leg problems – can walk without returning with heaps of leg pain – however, still some way to go yet, which I will include with the monthly Club sessions. Improvement with lungs, breathing more deeply without conscious effort – yet again still some way to go for lungs to feel right without the odd pains somewhere within them (seems within them) – but maybe some other issue unknown at this time.

Therese 2016-02-09 | 16:12
Yes! Dr Yuen’s skill with his method changed my life repeatedly. Thank you so much Dr. Yuen

Judy 2016-02-09 | 16:16
In so many ways – “from the quantum particles up to the structure”.

Sue 2016-02-09 | 16:31
My friend is a Yuen Method practitioner….I was able to get pregnant as a result of the corrections!!!!

Lukas 2016-02-09 | 16:32
Ongoing improvements all over.

Norma 2016-02-09 | 16:55
I am more centered

Lydia 2016-02-09 | 16:58
I have felt more clear and free in many ways. I am amazed at how simple Dr. Yuen’s method is and how readily it works!

Ruth 2016-02-09 | 17:17
Felt clearer, stronger to be able to be myself. Ok to say yes to me and simply get on creating the life I want.

02-09 | 19:05
Always….sometimes the Release is Painful … MS 35 yrs.
Unbelievable!!!! I Love it neutrally, of course!!!!

Jk 2016-02-09 | 21:14
Greatly by my practicing the protocols when I have an issue

Guillermo Estrada Ley 2016-02-09 | 21:43
Siento estar enlazado a una red de energía del Dr Kam Yuen y me fortalece en todo es extraordinario es Genial deseo mejorar mis ingresos para accesar a la certificación y formar parte del equipo del Dr Kam Yuen

Nathalie 2016-02-09 | 22:10
It has made me aware of my potential and how in charge I am of my life on every level.

Olga 2016-02-09 | 23:21
I feel less stressed in regards to money. This had me over the edge most of the time.
I feel much better now, sad memories from this life do not affect me anymore, I am neutral to them which is great. I feel much happier overall and want to continue learning more about the Yuen Method so I can apply it to everything on a daily basis.

Jaroslava 2016-02-09 | 23:28
I am fascinated by that method, to your question – I don’t know exactly how, but I know it works.

Nevenka 2016-02-10 | 03:29
I feel better, more cheerful and I have no pain in the shoulders

GIUSEPPE 2016-02-10 | 10:02
The Yuen Method has given me the ability to apply the principles in the method and apply it to every aspect of life. It’s improved my marriage and work. I’ve yet to achieve the level of insight that is necessary to constantly improve myself and others but I’m grateful for the amount of improvement that has been made.

Penelope 2016-02-10 | 10:26
I’m less concerned mostly – I’m still thinking too much and talking too much though – I guess I’m much better than I ever was, as my thinking has changed.

Nicolás Durán Castillo 2016-02-10 | 16:01
En algunas cosas o situaciones e estado neutral

Eleanor Ng 2016-02-10 | 16:45
It has improved my life!

Jane 2016-02-10 | 21:25
It is so wonderful that it works for me!

Robin 2016-02-11 | 00:03
The Yuen Method has shown me a different perspective.

Jamil 2016-02-11 | 04:13
I always watch the recordings and as a result, tend to feel calmer, happier and ready to deal with whatever is going on at the time.
More initiative to take action, less worry and pessimism, MUCH better relationships with people and surroundings, a sense of gratitude, feeling of constant improvement.

Mirta 2016-02-11 | 20:23
By removing unseen stressors in my life that were causing blocks. Dr. Yuen helps tremendously, even when I am still in my mind, his corrections create shifts that improve my life. Sometimes they take time, and other things come to the surface and it seems an endless process, but all of a sudden a correction deletes issues that uncover more issues. The wonderful part is that Dr. Yuen and his method go to the root and all of a sudden a shift for the better happens. Once talking to Dr. Yuen he told me how mad I get when my son lies to me. It was so true, lies would make my blood boil, I would become upset, angry, with total rage inside of me. That was always like that in my life since I remember, at least in the past I would get away from the liar, but I could not just get away from my boy that lives with me. Dr. Yuen said “let’s get rid of it”, and that was it. This was last year. I never felt the same way again. My son told me lies and it is not that I didn’t care but I did not get angry anymore, or sad or disturbed by it. I just dealt with the issue. It even helped that my son has not acted like that anymore, and when he lies, he tells me the truth right away. I know this might look simple but for me it is amazing because going from getting so upset and almost getting ill, to see what it is, a fact, and deal with it, makes a big change. There are many other instances of success from the Yuen Method helping my kids and me as well. Just listening at times when I have a lot of disturbances bring me back to a neutral state and I feel energetic, and peaceful at the same time. Dr. Yuen helped with back pain. I don’t remember the issue I had with my legs, but he did a correction and said that it looked like my legs disconnected from my body. Then he did something, and since that time, I feel the connection of my whole body again, and never had the same issue return, it is even forgotten. This was a couple years ago in one of his phone courses. I am very grateful and I am very happy we’ll have another webinar.

Alamar 2016-02-12 | 00:52
I feel stronger to many health, relationship & financial issues than before I read the book & started listening to your live on line calls. I get stronger every day because I go Neutral now almost instantly upon sensing feelings, thoughts & emotions. More confident. Accept myself more now & delete what comes up even though I don’t really know what I am doing.

Lena 2016-02-12 | 05:08
Clearer perception of habitual behavior.

Mariam Anderson 2016-02-13 | 07:53
Lighter, very fast – Yes, and I am helping others, too.

Amy 2016-02-13 | 13:11
It’s very empowering to be able to help myself and my family and friends with issues we’ve all been struggling with for a long time and new ones that come up. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with us!

Rachel 2016-02-14 | 15:00
Better health and clarity!

Julie 2016-02-14 | 23:53
I’m much better at remembering to delete the mind, and feel better when I remember to strengthen and even out everything else. No change in weight, conditioning, or executive function after the Clinics, and not much closer to generating income. I sometimes feel a bit less exhausted, and more hopeful. Perhaps I have a problem with perceiving my improvements today. I may also be resisting having things be the opposite of how they are. I’ve been listening to replays of the clinics and Club all afternoon and evening, and it seems to be helping. Need a jump start!

Maria 2016-02-15 | 05:03
The Yuen Method has improved my life a lot.

Jeanne 2016-02-15 | 05:23
Subtle ongoing growth and change
I consistently feel more balanced in every aspect of life.

Patricia 2016-02-15 | 05:30
The Yuen Method has provided the opportunity to change many things in my life.

Eva 2016-02-15 | 05:31
Yes, There is always “a new feeling” – The method is a good attendant.

Joseph 2016-02-15 | 06:46
As always, I feel more balanced, more neutral about more things in life.
I have a tool that I can take anywhere, use anywhere, anytime, to constantly strengthen myself & others to the weaknesses that tempt us.

Melodee 2016-02-15 | 07:39
2 1/2 years ago I experienced amazing results for myself and with others … I am confident in correcting others but seem to make things worse for my body/experience.

Maria Cora Angeles Trujillo 2016-02-15 | 08:00
soy más feliz con mi familia, tengo menos miedos y la depresión se ha ido, gracias al Doctor Yuen y a todo su equipo, les envío bendiciones.

Pam 2016-02-15 | 08:34
Yes, definitely. I have been on almost all the free calls and some of Dr. Yuen’s seminars about two years ago.

Kveta 2016-02-15 | 08:56
Less pain in my thorasic area.

Ursula 2016-02-15 | 11:36
viele probleme gibt es nicht mehr.vielen lieben dank.

Linda 2016-02-15 | 12:01
Helped reduce pain and overcome blocks.

Rosemary 2016-02-15 | 12:19
I am more in control of problems as they arise. I am able to neutralize problems my kids or I are having daily. It is fabulous!

Juan 2016-02-15 | 13:50Over the past 15 years an awesome lot…most importantly I am in charge of my life.

Crystal 2016-02-15 | 14:18
Yes, during the webinar.
In addition to the blessings of the free webinar (a huge thing for someone who isn’t’ employed), it has served to shift my point of view and taught me the Yuen Method perspective on healing which I am still learning. I have the book and am working to shift generations and lifetimes of old outmoded beliefs about how healing works through Dr. Yuen’s and Ms. Greenberg’s book and teachings.

Jarka 2016-02-15 | 16:18
It has improved my life.

Thomas Murray 2016-02-15 | 17:49
Able to take action on decisions quicker. Less concerned about negative outcomes.
I took complete program, went to LA, was BOBO in the play we presented there, use Yuen on family members and on therapy patients all the time

Dick 2016-02-15 | 22:44
The Yuen Method has helped eliminate pain in my left shoulder–forever!

Harold Drollinger 2016-02-15 | 22:52
Healing others

Renat 2016-02-15 | 23:19
For me it was a substantial shift in my perception, how I interact with my environment and with myself in it. And the book was a tremendous help in practical understanding that this is accessible to all of us. Much gratitude and appreciation to you.

Dana 2016-02-15 | 23:36
Fantastically, I smile all the time. I can see the possibilities now!!! I can see and feel the possibility that surround me now. Thank You!

Elizabeth 2016-02-16 | 06:43
The energy always feels uplifting and harmonizing, which is a good thing!
Being part of such a powerful Qi-field is nourishing and supportive!

Barbara Henderson 2016-02-16 | 08:01
Yes- I had cancer; operative word being “had”. 10 years ago was given 6 weeks to live. I practice EFT and have a friend who practices Yuen. She really gave me many treatments over these years. It is a treatment option beyond the 8 rounds of chemo, 17 surgeries and 41 rounds of radiation. I usually go to my friend for treatment, but would liike to add the knowledge of Yuen to my own knowledge base. I am healthy now, and want to keep healthy. I thank you for this opportunity.

Alamar 2016-02-16 | 09:14
Made me strong to eating foods & being less affected.

Suzanne 2016-02-16 | 09:30
I felt great! I want it to last. Just enjoy the love and joy and the abundance.

Bruno 2016-02-16 | 09:48
Very inspiring, gave me additional understanding and it generally works well. I’m honored.

Caroline Hammon 2016-02-16 | 10:34
There’s been a number of spontaneous changes. One of them – I had a vein pinched in my abdomen for many YEARS and it opened up…IT’S NO LONGER PINCHED! It saved my life because surgery was way too risky and not even recommended…they said it doesn’t work anyway. This was last fall and it hasn’t returned in the least! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Jackye 2016-02-16 | 10:46
Felt better after Dr.Yuen’s webinar.
I enjoy listening to the webinar and there is no question that I feel better after the call. Amazing energy. Thank you. Appreciate both of you!

Carri 2016-02-16 | 11:12
I experienced a few changes. Yes, the Yuen Method has improved my life.

Patricia 2016-02-16 | 11:13
In every way my life has improved. My awareness, intuition, clarity, relationships, values, etc. etc. etc. I am so much more farsighted. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Yuen.

Larry 2016-02-16 | 12:03
Yes, the Yuen Method has improved my life.

Lynn 2016-02-16 | 12:19
Yes many improvements!

Heather 2016-02-16 | 13:42
It works!!!

Mary 2016-02-16 | 14:11
I have previously been helped by Yuen Method clinics. Generally I end up being calmer and that I like.
Yuen Method has helped me overcome injuries and emotional issues. I have been receiving its benefits since 2009 or 10, but I confess I have not always been able to stay cleared and that has been hard. I also took a couple of basic courses in 2010 or 2011 and have helped others with what I learned then. I definitely believe in Yuen Method and have recommended it to others.

Stoyanka 2016-02-16 | 15:28
Yes, I have experienced changes -Very good.

Brenn 2016-02-16 | 17:17
Yes, and I see a tremendous difference in my husband, son and daughter…..The Yuen Method is PRICELESS! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
My husband now lets go of stressful things quickly and he doesn’t hang on to it for days anymore! My son and daughter are adjusting smoothly as they go through their teens. They are more responsible than ever now, Thank you Yuen Method and the Yuen Team!