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Yuen Method Certification Course Requirements:

In order to become officially certified in the Yuen Method

You must:

1. Buy and take at least 6 modules and 1 specialty course as a prerequisite.

2. Sign up for the current Certification program.

3. Complete the course curriculum as stated here within a year after signing up:


“More is better. There is always more to know and download, there is no end to knowledge” – Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.

4. Along with taking the curriculum, you have a monthly meeting where you ask Dr. Kam Yuen D.C. questions only related to the certification process and/or the course/module you are taking.

You may not ask for personal requests and/or ask for a personal strengthening during this meeting.

5. After you have completed the course and bought the necessary products to complete the curriculum you then have the opportunity to become a Certified Yuen Method Consultant or Instructor.

To become a Certified Instructor/Consultant you must:

1. Have Completed a full year of instruction and followed the curriculum as stated here: https://yuenmethod.com/steps-to-certification/

2. Paid the certified instructor/consultant annual fee.

3. Signed up to our affiliate program so you can promote our products to your students.

4. *You may not download our products and sell them as your products or misrepresent Yuen Method in any way.

*That is a breach of our Program and Company Policy.
(If you are found selling our products without our consent then you will be automatically de-certified and your name and information will be removed from our database. You will no longer be able to teach the method and/or instruct anyone in the courses.)

If you have a Facebook Page or Youtube Channel (and any social media):

1. You have to say Dr. Kam Yuen D.C. before talking about the Yuen Method and mention https://yuenmethod.com/ in the bio of each video on your youtube page.

2. On a Facebook page you cannot say “Official”. You can say “”Your Name” Yuen Method Certified”

3. Post our link https://yuenmethod.com/ somewhere on the Facebook Page and mention Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.


1. You must mention Dr Kam Yuen D.C. and post the Yuen Method link https://yuenmethod.com/ on your website only if you are certified to teach.

2. You must post our “Officially Certified Seal” on your website.

Rules and prerequisites subject to change without notice.