Yuen Method Certification Course Requirements:

In order to become officially certified in the Yuen Method

You must:

1. Buy and take at least 6 modules and 1 specialty course as a prerequisite.

2. Sign up for the current Certification program.

3. Complete the course curriculum as stated here within a year after signing up:

Company Policy:

All Sales are Final, No Refunds

Subscriptions cannot be discounted period.

We also do not give refunds on subscriptions of any kind, Period.

We do not transfer subscription balances to new products or give store credit on subscription payments.

If you wish to cancel your subscription please inform us before your subscription is going to renew at, Thank you so much.

Only stand alone products and Certification Yearly purchases.

If you use a discount on a monthly subscription(of any kind), your account will be made inactive, and your subscription payment refunded.

“More is better. There is always more to know and download, there is no end to knowledge” – Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.

4. Along with taking the curriculum, you have a monthly meeting where you ask Dr. Kam Yuen D.C. questions only related to the certification process and/or the course/module you are taking.

Everyone is strengthened automatically every meeting, But Dr. Yuen prefers that you ask only about a specific Course/Module you are studying and/or Students Questions for each meeting.

5. After you have completed the course and bought the necessary products to complete the curriculum you then have the opportunity to become a Certified Yuen Method Consultant or Instructor.

6. All course requirements must to be purchased on for certification to be official.

We do not accept pirated or 3rd party course requirements or products for certification completion in any way period.

7. Limit one product purchase per customer. You may not buy one of our products and say it is for your Parent, Friend, Family Member etc, etc.

The person who needs the product must buy it themselves period.

If you are purchasing the product for them they must confirm it by email before the purchase is made.

To become a Certified Instructor/Consultant you must:

1. Have Completed a full year of instruction and followed the curriculum as stated here:

2. Paid the certified instructor/consultant annual fee.

3. Signed up to our affiliate program so you can promote our products to your students.

4. *You may not download our products and sell them as your products or misrepresent Yuen Method in any way.

*That is a breach of our Program and Company Policy.
(If you are found selling our products without our consent then you will be automatically de-certified and your name and information will be removed from our database. You will no longer be able to teach the method and/or instruct anyone in the courses.)

If you have a Facebook Page or Youtube Channel (and any social media):

1. You have to say Dr. Kam Yuen D.C. before talking about the Yuen Method and mention in the bio of each video on your youtube page.

2. On a Facebook page you cannot say “Official”. You can say “”Your Name” Yuen Method Certified”

3. Post our link somewhere on the Facebook Page and mention Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.


1. You must mention Dr Kam Yuen D.C. and post the Yuen Method link on your website only if you are certified to teach.

2. You must post our “Officially Certified Seal” on your website.

Rules and prerequisites subject to change without notice.