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Dr. Kam Yuen, DC. Engineering
graduate of Manhattan College, NY, 
a Peace Corp Volunteer. Graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College, LA.

A doctor for over 30 years, a grandmaster of Shaolin Tai Mantis Kung-Fu, was selected as the Kung Fu advisor on the original world-renowned Kung-Fu TV series. He was a former Research and Development Engineer for Lockheed Missiles and Space and Hughes Aircraft Company.

Has formulated the newest and most efficient technology to immediately within seconds, resolve all afflictions. Has been a global keynote presenter demonstrate immediate results for any audience. Also, a #1 international best-selling author on Amazon.




Q: What is the Yuen Method™?

A: The Yuen Method is the resulting product of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple energy harnessing methods combined with the knowledge that anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic techniques, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong collectively offer. The Yuen Method was created by Dr. Kam Yuen as a result of his lifelong study and experience with martial arts, nutritional therapy, homeopathy and in-depth experience as both a structural engineer and doctor of chiropractic.

The underlying premise of the Yuen Method can be explained as follows. Your body is best thought of as a biological computer. It is a miraculous piece of high tech equipment and it is time we started treated it as such. But when you buy a computer or any piece of equipment for that matter, it always comes with a manual. Something that gives you directions on what to do and how to do it. And as they say, life comes with no manual… Or does it?

The Yuen Method is your manual!

Because your body functions much like a computer – you are either on or off, or more specifically “strong or weak” to any given subject matter, person, or scenario in life.

The Yuen Method shows you how to precisely identify your weaknesses and strengthen yourself accordingly, all without any type of physical contact. These collective weaknesses are the core cause of the differing types of problems we experience in life, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychic, or psychological.

There is no doubt that changes in internal, mental energy can create visually measurable external, physical changes. This is most easily explained by the experience of goosebumps. And so it is by energetically strengthening our collective physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and psychic weaknesses that we can in fact delete the resulting symptoms they have unknowingly caused us, even preventing those we may have experienced in the future otherwise.

Strengthening a weakness is much like flipping a switch on a computer. It is instantaneous. If you are weak to any given thing, you simply make yourself strong. Of course the obvious question then becomes, how exactly does one go about identifying their weaknesses?

First, one must identify the root source that is causing that weakness. The Yuen Method provides a systematic process enabling you to use the insight you already have in order to identify the deeper core issue(s) that are related to the problems you may be experiencing in life. Is it only by precisely identifying the true root source of the weakness that it becomes an instant possibility to delete the physically manifested symptoms of that weakness as well as any related fears, phobias, and/or limitations.

Humans are multi-faceted beings with the aforementioned six levels of consciousness. We are multidimensional and thus need to utilize a multidimensional approach to our own health. That is exactly why the Yuen Method is both incredibly efficient and unique in that it works to ensure that all levels of consciousness are congruent so that weaknesses can be strengthened on all levels, enabling pain to be deleted and goals to be attained immediately. The Yuen Method makes it possible to strengthen our weaknesses and achieve our own infinite potential.

The path of health, prosperity, integrity, success, and freedom from stress and pain are the birthright of every human being. The insight we need to achieve these things is already inside us. You do not need any special gifts. You don’t need to meditate, be psychic or have any specific religious beliefs. You do not need to rely on expensive health experts to provide you with their high priced opinion. You only need to allow the results the Yuen Method achieves before your very eyes to speak for themselves.

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Q: What types of problems can the Yuen Method address?

A: Because the Yuen Method address weaknesses in each of the six levels of consciousness, it can be utilized to address just about any type of problem you can think of! From physical pain to emotional problems and from serious medical conditions to financial & relational woes, the long-reaching application of the Yuen Method truly has infinite potential and zero limitations.
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Q: What is the best way to get in touch with Dr. Yuen?

A: It is best to communicate directly with Dr. Yuen’s office at [email protected]. Email is the official method of correspondence at the office and your inquiry will be most quickly answered if sent that way.

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Q: Is Dr. Yuen available for personal consultations?

A: Yes. Dr. Yuen is available to do a limited number of personal phone consultations each week. This is a very special opportunity to consult personally with Dr. Yuen and gain invaluable insight in the process. To set up a personal phone consultation please click here.

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Q: What happens during a personal consultation with Dr. Yuen?

A: During the consultation, Dr. Yuen will determine the root source that is causing problems for you. Or as Dr. Yuen says, he will determine your leading weakness(es). Then by using the Yuen Method, he will determine the root source that is causing the differing weaknesses which are responsible for the life problems you are experiencing. It is through energetically strengthening you to these different weaknesses, that problems can be deleted and improvement can occur immediately. The consultation begins with Dr. Yuen first asking you a few questions about what type of problems you are experiencing and how they affect you physically and make you feel emotionally. While asking these questions, he will determine your leading weaknesses and strengthen each of them. Then, he will then follow up by asking you questions about how you feel. It is important to go off “feeling” as opposed to “thinking”. The consultation continues in this fashion based on the problems you describe to him. Problems we have in life are multidimensional, for example the culprit behind the physical problems we experience may be mental, emotional, spiritual, or psychological weaknesses. So remember, it may be surprising to hear what exactly types of weaknesses are the underlying source behind our physical problems!But to many it is even more surprising that our pain and stress can be deleted on-the-sport when our unknown weaknesses are collectively strengthened using the Yuen Method!

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Q: How can I experience the Yuen Method personally?

A: Aside from personal consultations, Dr. Yuen also has a number of different Telephone and in person programs available. These programs are programmed individually depending on what goal you seek to accomplish. Are you new to the Yuen Method? Try a Tele-Presentation. Want to be strengthened by Dr. Yuen? Try a Tele-Clinic. Want to learn the Yuen Method? Try a Tele-Course Training Module. Each program builds upon its predecessor, offering you a seamless transition as you move from one program to the next.

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Q: What are the differences between Dr. Yuen’s primary TelePrograms?

A: Dr. Yuen has three primary types of TelePrograms available:


FREE EVENTS programmed for those who are completely new to the Yuen Method and seek an introduction from Dr. Yuen. There is typically one Free TelePresentation per month and you can enroll at www.yuenmethod.com


Events programmed for those who seek detailed, personalized strengthening from Dr. Yuen in a group setting. There are typically 2 TeleClinics scheduled per month. Each month’s TeleClinics will have its own specific page under the Programs Menu at the top of the page.

TeleSeminars/ Tele-Course Training Modules:

Events programmed for those who seek to learn how to strengthen weaknesses using the cutting edge, one of a kind Yuen Method. There is typically 1-2 different TeleSeminar Programs running simultaneously. TeleSeminars are multiweek (5-12) programs which allow you to learn the Yuen Method through experience alone. Each TeleSeminar program will have its own page under the Programs menu at the top of the page.

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Q: Does Dr. Yuen still teach in-person seminars?

A: Yes. However, because Dr. Yuen now primarily works over the telephone, in person events are much rarer. Of course, because the Yuen Method is fully non-contact, it is at its best when utilized to reach the most amount of people possible. This is exactly why we encourage everyone who has not already done so to make the transition to Dr. Yuen’s TelePrograms as it substantially broadens the potential of who can learn the Technique with us!

In-Person Seminars:

Events programmed to learn how to strengthen your own weaknesses as well as the weaknesses of others. The in-person predecessor of the TeleSeminar and most commonly referred to as Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Mastery seminars.

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Q: What exactly is meant by strong vs. weak and strength vs. weakness?

A: For any given subject, situation, or life scenario (this life or a past life), you are either energetically weak or energetically strong. Being energetically weak to your experiences can then cause other types of problems to occur, for example physical pain or emotional issues. This is why it is vital to use the Yuen Method to identify our known weaknesses and strengthen them accordingly. Only then can the problems we experience truly be deleted for good.

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Q: Can anyone learn this technique or is it necessary that I have a background in health care?

A: Absolutely anyone can learn how to strengthen their own weaknesses using the Yuen Method. We have students from all different backgrounds that take the workshop. There are medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, as well as lawyers, school teachers, and people that have no previous experience in any related field whatsoever.

You only have to disregard the belief that it is impossible! The natural ability to strengthen our own weaknesses is actually inside of each and every one of us already. We already possess the infinite potential to become our own self-master, we just need to unlock it. The Yuen Method gives you the key!

Of course, much like working out once will not keep you in shape for the rest of your life, utilizing the Yuen Method to strengthen your weaknesses is not a one time deal. It is something that can be done effortlessly, regularly, and most of all extremely quick and effectively. So no matter what your training is, whether your background is as a health care professional, energy worker, massage therapist, holistic health, you will most likely experience significant benefits as a result of learning the Yuen Method.

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Q: Can I utilize the Yuen Method to strengthen my own weaknesses, the weaknesses of others, the weaknesses of animals?

A: Absolutely! People learn the Yuen Method for a number of varying reasons and these are all completely attainable goals. To use for yourself, for others, to delete the suffering of your family and friends, or to begin a new business, the limitless potential stretches on and on. But the main reason people find their way to Dr. Yuen and the Yuen Method is because they seek results and the Yuen Method consistently delivers.

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Q: Is there a complete Yuen Method Certification program?

A: Yes, Dr. Yuen has a complete Program that culminates with the Yuen Method Mastery Certification Course and corresponding Success Assurance Program. For those looking to utilize the Yuen Method in their own practice or as a teacher, progressing through the program in its entirety is a necessary prerequisite in becoming a Certified Practitioner. For more information about our Certification Program, please visit www.yuenmethod.com/certification.

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Q: What type of material is covered in a Level 1 Seminar or equivalent TeleSeminar?

A: You will learn to pinpoint the weaknesses responsible for physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual problems. You will learn how to strengthen weaknesses using the Yuen Method. You will learn about the relationship between the central nervous system and spinal cord, structural alignment, resolving muscular-skeletal pain, detoxifying using the lymphatic system, deleting stress, anxiety, tension, fears, phobias, and negative emotions.

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Q: If I can use the Yuen Method after 1 seminar or TeleSeminar, how will I benefit from continued participation?

A: The basic course is all anyone needs to learn the fundamentals of the Yuen Method. You are provided with the framework necessary to identify and strengthen weaknesses, and you could stop here if you chose too. However, much like working out once will not keep you fit for the rest of your life, your continued participation will always yield the most favorable of results. Additionally, each Level builds upon the previous; for example, numeric profiling and other more advanced techniques which greatly improve the ease and speed of strengthening weaknesses are only covered in the intermediate and advanced courses. Most importantly, the culmination of all this knowledge, Yuen Method Mastery builds upon the foundation laid in each of these Levels.

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Q: Do Dr. Yuen’s TeleSeminars provide any type of credit like his Level 1-2-3 seminars do?

A: Yes, absolutely. Completing a  4 or 12 week TeleSeminar Training Module provides the same “new student” credit that taking a Level 1, 2, or 3 for the first time does. Completing a 5-6 week teleseminar provides the same “review student” credit that taking a Level 1, 2, or 3 for a second time does.

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Q: Are there any products or programs that allow me to learn at home?

A: Yes! Dr. Yuen Offers Training Modules (Video Courses and Tele-Courses) which includes absolutely everything you need to being learning the Yuen Method at home, at your own pace and on your own time.  For more information click on Modules 1-2-3 (Video Courses), and Modules 4-5-6 (Tele-Courses).
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Q: I am interested in both Live Tele-Courses and the Training Modules (Video and Tele-Courses), how can I decide which one is right for me?

A: Ideally, one would purchase the Training Modules 1-2-3 to begin learning the basics on your own time and supplement that with a Live Tele-Clinic so you are able to consult with Dr. Yuen about any potential problems you run into along the way! Of course, if you are in a position where you feel you must choose between one or the other, the following questions should certainly allow you to decide:

Do you prefer reading and researching topics yourself to learn new skills and information?
Do you prefer to learn by listening to someone knowledgeable speak about a given topic?

Are you more interested in learning the Yuen Method technique to use yourself?
Are you more interested in receiving corrections from Dr. Yuen himself?

Will this be your first experience with the Yuen Method?
Do you have previous experience with the Yuen Method?

If you find yourself identifying more with the first question in each pair, we recommend the Training Modules 1-2-3, as it is really the best place to start if you are new to the technique and have the goal to learn it for yourself. I view this as something that has more benefit to start with, but of course requires more self-motivation.
If you find yourself identifying more with the second question in each pair, we recommend a Live Tele-Course Program as it provides a more direct interaction with Dr. Yuen himself and utilizes the more advanced technique of Yuen Method Mastery. This is something which may allow you to gain more immediately noticeable results as you will be consulting with Dr. Yuen once a week during the multiweek Tele-Course Program.

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Q: How is the Yuen Method different from other energy techniques?

A: Energy does not possess its own intelligence that uncovers what weaknesses need to be strengthened so as to benefit a person’s state of health. Just applying energy towards another person doesn’t mean that it will positively benefit them, one must be precise, accurate, and holistic (considering all levels of consciousness) in order to yield immediate, observable results. This is exactly what the Yuen Method accomplishes all without any type of physical contact whatsoever, which differs completely from other ‘well known’ practices that involve physical contact such as acupuncture, acupressure, and reiki. Although these and countless other techniques may yield favorable results, we are confident that the Yuen Method technique provides the quickest and most precise, comprehensive results due to its consideration of all levels of consciousness.
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Q: How is the Yuen Method different from Qigong?

A: Qigong has been practiced since ancient times as part of the Chinese martial arts and is one of the oldest “healing” techniques known to mankind. Yuen Method both incorporates aspects of qigong and goes beyond its limitations by working immeasurably faster and more precisely. While qigong attempts to harness as much energy as possible in order to change the whole person in general, the Yuen Method quickly and precisely directs energy in order to make changes in the cellular, molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels of the individual.

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Q: How soon can I expect results and how long can I expect the results to last?

A: Every problem is related to their underlying weaknesses, determining the root source of these weaknesses and strengthening them holistically enables immediate results to be achieved on the spot. Of course, different people have differing combinations of unknown weaknesses and this means that it can be difficult to precisely determine the amount of time it will require to completely delete any given problem and improve the situation for the better. But what can be said is that pain and stress can be permanently deleted when the responsible weaknesses are strengthened accordingly.

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Q: Will this technique work even if the client is skeptical?

A: Because the Yuen Method , works at the quantum level beyond the conscious, subconscious, and nonconscious levels of the mind, results are completely unaffected by either the view of skepticism. Even if one insists this is a problem, the weaknesses for this can be strengthened so that the reaction of skepticism will not negatively impact the benefits of the results. Belief about whether the Yuen Method works does not impact the results it can achieve. In fact, many people who get the best results have no expectations that it will! This may seem counterintuitive, but it embodies the notion of neutrality which is vital when utilizing the Yuen Method.

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Q: This sounds a bit like faith healing, is the Yuen Method related to any specific religious belief or faith?

A: Absolutely not. The Yuen Method has nothing to do with any specific type of religious beliefs or faith. Results are achieved regardless of anyone’s religious or ideological beliefs. Dr. Yuen himself neither believes nor disbelieves the insight the Yuen Method provides regarding the true origin of our problems, regardless of how startling the causes may seem. The technique simply reveals the ultimate origins of the problem and strengthens the weaknesses responsible for the physical manifestation of this problem. Transcending religious belief and faith, we instead advocate only one thing… Results!

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Q: Are the results obtained from the Yuen Method ever the results of the placebo effect?

A: From our collective experiences over the years, we can confidently state that we believe the placebo effect has absolutely no impact on the results the Yuen Method achieves. We will certainly agree that people can certainly vary in their sensitivity to energetic shifts, creating a spectrum of differing results for those different people but the placebo effect does not appear to have anything to do with this as many who achieve the best results have little to no expectations (IE those who are neutral) and have not built up their expectations so much that those expectations come to overtly influence their thoughts and actions (IE those who are not neutral).

Another reason we are confident that this phenomenon is not the result of the placebo effect are the indisputable results the Yuen Method obtains for animals. When a dog limps in and races out or a congested cat stops wheezing in a matter of seconds, you are not relying on any type self-evaluation (which can be heavily influenced by the placebo effect). Instead, you are relying on purely measurable, visually observable results. Another method of disproving the placebo effect is to strengthening the weaknesses of a friend or family member unknowingly (for example someone who experiences chronic physical pain), then asking them later how they felt. Of course these are not “scientific proof” per se; however it is these types of results that are consistently achieved time and time again for people all over the world, even when facilitated by people in other parts of the world, which certainly provide more than ample results to reinforce our case. And that’s what you should look for and even demand for yourself as well, results… Nothing less.

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Q: Can there be any negative side effects or adverse reactions?

A: Patients rarely if ever have side effects or feel worse after a treatment. Some people do appear to be very sensitive to energetic shifts which result with temporarily intensified sensations, but as mentioned these cases are beyond rare and it certainly not a reason to prevent you from experiencing the Yuen Method for yourself as even problems like this can deleted via strengthening of the corresponding weaknesses!

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Q: Can pregnant women use the Yuen Method safely and effectively?

A: Yes, the Yuen Method is safe for use by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition. In fact, the Yuen Method can even be utilized to strengthen any unknown weaknesses affecting a mother and an unborn child. The Yuen Method can be utilized to strengthen you to any countless number of life situations to ensure your success. This is of course not restricted to, but most certainly does include facilitating the safest and easiest birth experience for both the mother and the child, providing your child with the strongest, healthier start on life.

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Q: Are classes I complete with a Certified Practitioner applicable towards Dr. Yuen’s Certification requirements?

A: Yes, absolutely. As long as the Practitioner is an active part of our program classes you complete with them are applicable towards the prerequisites to complete Dr. Yuen’s Certification course. You can view our Certified Practitioner listing at www.yuenmethod.com/practitioner-directory

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Q: I have heard a lot about needing to complete internships in order to enroll in Dr. Yuen’s Certification Program, is that true?

A: We have made a slight adjustment regarding our previous internship requirements. While this has been true in the past, Dr. Yuen has been teaching less in person seminars so there are simply less opportunities to intern with him. Because of this, although we highly recommend and encourage you to complete internships with Dr. Yuen or his Certified Practitioners whenever available, completing 3 separate internships is no longer a requirement to participate in Dr. Yuen’s Certification Program.

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Q: If I take a Level 1 class with a Certified Practitioner, can I attend Dr. Yuen’s Level 1 seminar as a ‘review student’ at the ‘review student’ fee?

A: Yes. This is our intent as there are so many more opportunities to complete Level 1-2-3 classes with Certified Practitioners as opposed to with Dr. Yuen himself. The review price is applicable for physical seminars only.  Also, please remember that completing TeleSeminar Programs with Dr. Yuen also provide Level credits that are applicable towards his Certification Program.

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Q: Once I become a Certified Practitioner, do copyrights, trademarks, royalties, or legal agreements regarding my use of the Yuen Method name restrict me in any way?

A: Yes, this includes but is not limited to the Yuen Method name, logo, techniques, videos, and written & audio materials. These are protected by trademarks and copyrights and cannot be used or reproduced in any way without our express written permission. If you are a Certified Practitioner and have specific questions about copyrights and trademarks, we encourage you to contact our office at [email protected]. Students as well as Certified Practitioners / Instructors adhere to specific protocol as established in conjunction with Dr. Yuen and the Yuen Method office directly.

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Q: Will there be more Yuen Method Mastery Certification programs in the future?

A: Yes. However, with the exception of our concurrent Foreign Language Certification Programs, all future Certification Courses will bestow the title of Certified Practitioner which is not the same as a Certified Instructor/Practitioner. Practitioners are able to utilize the Yuen Method in their own professional Practice will not be given authorization to use or duplicate the Yuen Method proprietary information to teach the Yuen Method in any way.
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Q: How are my credit card transactions handled and is it secure?

A: All transactions are handled through a secure system and processed using the Gold Standard of Online Processing, Authorize.net

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Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept American Express or personal checks.

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Q: When checking out while placing an order, I am asked to enter my CVC along with my credit card number, what is a CVC?

A: The CVC Code is the credit card verification code. This is the last 3 numbers on the back of your credit card on the magnetic strip. Leaving out the CVC code may cause your bank to decline the transaction from processing successfully.

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Q: How do I know what my billing address is?

A: Your billing address is the address where your bank statement is sent.

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Q: I am interested in your homeopathic remedies, but am unsure which one to use, do you have any additional information that can help me decide?

A: Our homeopathic remedies are most effectively utilized under the guidance of Dr. Yuen. The reason for this is that they are best used when selected in relation to the root source of your weaknesses as opposed to by the physical symptoms of those weaknesses. This may surprise you, but we support strengthening weaknesses related to symptoms as the Yuen Method strengthens weaknesses completely holistically. For this reason, if you have a problem with your Memory, the Memory remedy will most certainly benefit you, but the Past Illness remedy may in fact be the most beneficial for you to use (if the memory problems was being caused by a weakness related to a past illness, for example).

Homeopathy or homeopathic remedies are really energy remedies. They have been rightfully accused of being “Remedies with no physical substance”. That is the point, if they were physical substances, they would not be energy remedies, they would be pharmaceuticals. These energy remedies contain only a few molecules of the physical substances. Homeopathy means “Like treats like” much as in the vaccine principal. True homeopathics are based on a dilution factor denoted by a decimal potency of “X” (10) or the centesimal potency of “C” (100) The body does not utilize mega doses but rather takes what it needs and eliminates the rest. Homeopathic remedies are an extremely effective form of therapy and work extremely well in conjunction with the weaknesses.

This may seem confusing or even counterintuitive at first, but with knowledge of the Yuen Method this concept begins to make more sense. Yet for this reason, if you find yourself unsure of which remedy to use, we encourage you to select the most appropriate one based on the name and description for yourself. Also, you can always contact our office at [email protected] and ask what we feel is best for you.

Yuen Method does not endorse or use any products that have been tested on animals.

Please seek the expertise of a licensed physician for diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or disease.

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*Results May Vary