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Life Improvement Events

DKYP #39: Dr. Kam Yuen Podcast (January 16th, 2019) Poverty Part 4

Money, finance, and prosperity To resolve poverty and homelessness. http://www.facebook.com/YuenMethod/ Join my Wellness Support Group and quickly make the world better in resolving the global poverty. yuenmethod.com/ymi [...]

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Dr. Yuen appears on KPFK

How people can resolve LIVE in less than 1 minute: The Common Colds, Stress and Pain Anywhere in the Body and Poverty in  themselves, families, neighborhoods. Cómo las personas pueden resolver EN DIRECTO, en menos de un minuto: DKYP #38: Dr. Kam Yuen Podcast (December 14th, 2018) Poverty Part 3 The real physical solutions to RESOLVE POVERTY of individuals, groups, neighborhoods and communities first then the rest of the world. Listen to Part 2 Here.

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New YMI Support Group!

Want to experience the quickest, easiest, and most precise way to improve ALL aspects of your life, as well as in the life of others globally? Activate and experience the exact physical, and Intellectual Process to reach your Infinite Potential and Beyond within seconds in less than one minute! Join The Beyond Infinite Real Support Group Here: https://yuenmethod.com/ymi-real-s [...]

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Dr. Kam Yuen announced as Primary Sponsor of Dragonfest Expo

Burbank, CA – The Martial Arts History Museum is pleased to announce that Dr. Kam Yuen of Yuen Method, as one of our primary sponsors of the 14th Annual Dragonfest Expo to be held on August 25,& 26, 2018 at the Pickwick Gardens Conference Center in Burbank CA, USA. Dr. Kam Yuen, president and founder of the Yuen Method, which is focused on immediate solutions that are [...]

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Allergies & Cold Fundraiser and Teleclinic

Do you have Allergies and Cold Devastating Symptoms… you don’t want to have and cannot resolve? You can immediately reduce, minimize and resolve your devastating allergies symptoms within less than a minute. [...]

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Back Pain Fundraiser and Teleclinic

Do You or Someone You Know  Have Extreme Back Pain? Now You and I Can Resolve It Immediately on the Spot! [...]

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Fitness for Your Heart TeleClinic

More on Heart and Strokes In addition to the Fundraising Event: Besides just eating properly, exercising, taking your medicine and consuming nutritional supplements. There are additional steps you can take to generate strength and fitness for your heart and the capillaries in your brain? You can experience how to process in knowing if your pains in the vicinity of your heart [...]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) TeleClinic

Are you or someone you know who are among the 24.4 million people in the USA who have PTSD?   You will immediately experience a resolution in these TeleClinics, not just receiving information that doesn’t resolve anything! Family members, friend’s PTSD, will be resolved through you as surrogate. You will experience directly how this is done. All your life weakn [...]

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Heart Attacks & Strokes Fundraising Webinar

Heart Attacks and Strokes Concerns, Worries, and Fears not only for yourself but other members of your family and friends?   You will have physical weaknesses that associate with concerns, worries and fears! Those will make you more prone to heart attacks and strokes   You will RESOLVE truthfully all of those worries, concerns, and fears within seconds when y [...]

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A Special Webinar for Military and Law Enforcement Active and Retired

Are You Tired Of Receiving Only Information With No PTSD Solutions In Sight? There is already too much redundant information Dr. Yuen is the only person who will resolve your PTSD that you will perceive for yourself To honor my lifetime friend Hon K. Lee, From New York (Manhattan) Chinatown I will present A Special Webinar for Military and Law Enforcement Active and R [...]

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Seminario de diabetes e hipoglucemia

¿Tiene el azúcar en sangre alto o bajo? ¿Tiene las condiciones comúnmente conocidas como: Prediabetes Diabetes o Hipoglucemia? El Dr. Kam Yuen, DC con el enfoque de su Método Yuen puede reducir y eliminar los síntomas asociados con estas afecciones que pueden diagnosticarse como niveles altos o bajos de azúcar en la sangre y ser diagnosticados erróneamente como d [...]

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