Dr Kam Yuen Podcast – Yuen Method

DKYP by Dr. Kam Yuen with the Yuen Method #51

More FREE Improvement to my listeners.

By Dr. Kam Yuen, DC, Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu and Rocket Scientist.

Beneficial Improvements for Dogs, Cats, and Horses since they have improved our physical intelligence.

More Beneficial Improvements for Seniors, which improve all things on this planet. Their improvements are yours too, while you are still young.
Children Improvements Before Birth. Stopping accidental pregnancy. Stopping birth defects.

I perceived as an engineer in rocket science. I have always chosen to solve problems instead of talking about them.
Solving technological and mathematical problems makes solving life problems seem natural and straightforward if the same principles are applied.

For example:

  • 1-Who can solve structural problems such as scoliosis better than structural engineers and chiropractic?
  • 2-Who can solve better on pressure, blood pressure included than applying fluid mechanic engineer principles.
  • 3-Solving high-temperature fever with thermodynamics principles?
  • 4-There are countless other problems, which are solvable with this approach.
  • 5-Decades of teaching KungFu, the martial arts and chiropractic provide me the expertise in applied kinesiology and text book kinesiology.