The Revolutionary Practice of Qi Gong That’s Taking Over the Wellness World!

June 8, 2023 J Worrall


Qi can strengthen you, activate your knowledge within your (Physical Intelligence) Pi, to accept the downloading of knowing what you do to resolve anything. Precisely and immediately without speaking to you about it.

Your Qi, including global and universal Qi, can be activated, and increased not by directing qi at or toward you. But by activating first, my Pi to connect with your Pi.

The Yuen Method can accomplish this from any distance and for anyone and animals anywhere in the world. Of course, this is supported consistently by immediate proof and instant results. It doesn’t need verbalization or understanding by the recipient of this I download.

It will automatically do for you or anyone you want.

Qi Documentary Trailer

When you get immediate results, you can ensure you will get what you pay for.
I can even achieve immediate results for your clients and patients when you first started.
No other coaches and teachers can do that for you.

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