February 24, 2016 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Dr. Kam Yuen & Marnie LIVE – PART 2!  

Back by popular demand – Part 2 – Free Live Stream – Delete on the Spot All Life Problems

Dr. Yuen and Marnie shot a special video just for you – Click Below to watch all the exciting news
– April 16 &17 – Live Retreat in L.A.


  • Chronic Physical Pain
  • Aging Pain – Rejuvenation
  • Anxiety & Overwhelming Stress
  • Painful Divorce or Breakups
  • Unwanted separation due to job or personal demands
  • Stressful financial pressures
  • Balance of work and family
  • Domestic problems & violence
  • Negative emotions/experiences (anger, resentments)
  • Low self-esteem
  • Infidelity
  • Hostile conflict between family members
  • Inability to manage or resolve conflicts
  • Chronic crises or unexpected upheavals
  • Death of a loved one
  • Addiction



NOTE: If you already watched the stream in real time, you will also benefit from watching a second time as the strengthening and deletion that Dr. Yuen and Marnie demonstrated will be reinforced. 



James 2016-02-19 | 17:35
The Yuen Method has improved every aspect of my life.

Bette 2016-02-20 | 05:10
In almost all areas of life, quality, confidence, ability to assist change in others.

María Paloma 2016-02-20 | 05:17
Increíblemente!! Soy una ferviente admiradora!!!!

Blas 2016-02-20 | 05:19
Less stress and a deeper understanding of health. I am learning the method, and as an Acupuncturist is going to be of great value to me my family and patients. Thanks Dr YUEN and Marnie.

Kiaran 2016-02-20 | 05:34
Several years ago Sandra did some training and it was awesome. Not only was she able to help herself with her crohn’s but she was also able to help me with my arthritis.

Sally 2016-02-20 | 05:36
It has changed my life dramatically!

Sandra 2016-02-20 | 05:36
I have take several classes in the past and they were awesome. I was able to help myself and my husband.

Desiree 2016-02-20 | 05:39
I start my day by listening and participating in one or more Yuen Method free blog videos. I muscle test to determine which one will benefit me the most. And when I’m done, if I still don’t feel neutral enough to get through my day; I test for a second one. Thank you Dr. Yuen and Marnie Greenberg

Marty 2016-02-20 | 06:34
It’s amazing, it’s also unbelievable that I can help so many people & feel so good!

Robert 2016-02-20 | 07:18
I was able to stop taking morphine and fentanyl for a diagnosis of fibromtalgia pain.

Patrick 2016-02-20 | 08:04
I am still alive

Carolyn 2016-02-20 | 08:22
I am much more aware of how important it is to be as neutral as possible to life events and the drama and energy of others and am able to do so increasingly and of the power of my physical intelligence!.

Jeri 2016-02-20 | 09:41
Health issues that puzzled conventional doctors were cured in seconds by practioners of the Yuen method. I also become much more cognizant of how my thoughts impact my health. Thank you!

Beate 2016-02-20 | 11:08
absolute positive

Lindsey 2016-02-20 | 12:36
It has strengthened my self-trust.

Juan 2016-02-20 | 12:48
Not only has the Yuen Method given me the capability to stay in charge of my life, it has also enabled to get out negative situations quickly. Thanks Dr. Yuen!

Kelly 2016-02-20 | 14:57
In every way life has improved! And it keeps getting brighter. The Yuen Method has given me a skill that takes me past the “smog” of life and to resolve problems of my own and for others. This method has supported my improvement to reach my highest potential and it not only affects me but everyone around me to live more satisfying, problem free lives. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom shared and the imprints it has made. My life would of never been as rich without it!

Carol 2016-02-20 | 16:53
I took a whole weekend Seminar about 6+ years ago and I worked on applying the techniques – for myself and family (who are attached to their past issues) – but it was a slow progress – I found that I have done better with strangers and animals! I am not a Practitioner, just helpful. Nevertheless, it helped me to neutralize things (not be overly emotional) and stay (clear) & healthy – which I do! I would like to be able to move forward in career(s) in a more powerful way. Not sure about the Seminar yet – btw, I have referred many people to Kam, and will be forwarding this info to a very ill childhood friend who (hopefully) will attend both (he lives in Albequerque) – I tried to get him into Tapping, but he is attached to his physical ailments.

Deva 2016-02-20 | 18:01
It shifted every area of my life.

Margarita 2016-02-21 | 01:10
Hola soy de España y tengo mucho interés pero el idioma y la distancia es muy importante y no se como tener un encuentro con el señor maestro y él grupo un cordial saludo

Petra 2016-02-21 | 03:59
My life develop faster and more easily an the intuition is better. Thank you!

Hasan 2016-02-21 | 05:41
I have not participated, but I have bought books and CD from Dr. Kam Yuen in trying to learn the Yuen Method.

Laura López 2016-02-21 | 07:04
Para mí es algo nuevo pero he tenido la oportunidad de ver resultados maravillosos en el caso de una amiga y en mi caso la verdad que aún no he solucionado mis problemas pero estoy interesada en darle seguimiento a estas conferencias en vivo y si fuera posible que pasaron directamente mi pregunta mucho agradeceré su respuesta Mi nombre es Laura López y tengo dolores en varias articulaciones la espalda el hombro izquierdo la rodilla derecha tengo problemas de gastritis de la vista de pronto siento muchos mareos en fin quisiera mejorar mis problemas de salud a través de metodoyuen gracia.

Robin 2016-02-21 | 13:34
Amazing results!

Ronie 2016-02-21 | 16:04
I have listen to a live webinar before and just having the knowledge and knowing that there are ways to get past the stumbling blocks makes a world of difference to me! Thank you for everything you do

Mary 2016-02-21 | 17:00
I have not had a migraine in the last 15 years.

Cristina 2016-02-21 | 20:24
Yuen Method has lifted the veil of consciousness and as I’m able to perceive things that were there and I didn’t know about them before my life is acquiring a new meaning. Every time more I’m able to spot weaknesses in myself and my family and ailments get resolved as other situations like an I phone getting fixed or finding the precise spot of an electricity failure at home just by feeling strong and weak. I feel I’m becoming a more real human being. Thank you Dr. Kam Yuen!

Birgitta Back 2016-02-22 | 02:39
Less stress in my body

Rudrani 2016-02-22 | 05:18
Para mi ha traído claridad y certeza en el sentir y conectar con las personas,. Así mismo, trae mensajes claros sobre situaciones de mi para corregir que no sabía que estaban ahí, es decir, ni siquiera es preciso sentir dolor o rechazó por situaciones de este cuerpo físico o mental.

CRISTINA HORVATH 2016-02-22 | 05:52
YES!!.  Amazing

Rosa Maria de Godoy 2016-02-22 | 07:00
Es asombroso el manejo energético y el poder de sanación del método, disminuyó un 60% mi dolor en la pierna derecha. Gracia

Irene 2016-02-22 | 07:59
Improving my physic and mental awareness

Mabel 2016-02-22 | 08:02
He tenido muchos cambios, confío mas en mi. Muchas gracias!!!

Maria Elena Aguirre Montero 2016-02-22 | 08:08
Hola el pasado evento, lo vimos pero no pudimos ingresar a la llamada , es fenomenal mi esposo esta muy interesado en aprender y yo requiero de una consulta para un zumbido en mi oido, gracias Saludos.

Patricia 2016-02-22 | 08:28
I felt more in the earth My body know what wants and what not want Physical intelligence are strong I understood a lot of things about intelligence and life It s like if I turn off something about a lot of emotional life and turn on life in acceptance and in the body .

Ubaldo 2016-02-22 | 08:43

Alison 2016-02-22 | 08:46
I took level one through three, 2x each. Yuen has saved my life countless times. I apply The Yuen method every day. God Bless you forever to eternity and beyond!

Aurora 2016-02-22 | 10:52

JubilantJohn 2016-02-22 | 12:14
I can help facilitate the healing process in others.

Gera 2016-02-22 | 12:22
Muy bueno

Pat 2016-02-22 | 14:55
By becoming more aware, perceptive and balanced in my life.

Derick 2016-02-22 | 15:04
Less reactions and stronger body

B 2016-02-22 | 15:05

B 2016-02-22 | 15:06
Muy sanador

Mary 2016-02-22 | 15:16
Absolutely YES!

Leslie 2016-02-22 | 15:26
YES!!!!! I Love living a neutral Life!!!

Elias 2016-02-22 | 15:28
I`ve read three Yuen Method Books. I get a very good initial impression about this knowledge. I would like go on it, for me and the people that I love

Barbara 2016-02-22 | 16:26

Melissa 2016-02-22 | 16:33

[email protected] 2016-02-22 | 17:12
Corrections made me better.

Linda 2016-02-22 | 17:35
New knowledge about the Yuen Method techniques is enriching my life; have not experienced discernible change in physical or emotional body.

ERIC 2016-02-22 | 17:35
Use the Yuen Method to on myself, family and friends to find weaknesses, delete them, delete accumulated effects, strengthen, reset, resolve.

Albert 2016-02-22 | 17:44
Still looking to get better. Want wealth to be better. None. Lower back healed before. Now need tuneup. stiff if bent over.

WILLIAM 2016-02-22 | 17:48
I have not attended any past events, however; I would love the opportunity to attend The Yuen Method Event. As a Master Massage Therapist, I feel it would be beneficial to my practice to receive this training.

Byenas noches he pedido por la relacion de pareja de un familiar y se resolvieron las diferencias entre ellos ahora estan mas unidos gracias . Bendiciones para todos

Patricia novoa 2016-02-22 | 19:56
Nada no he mejorado

Cristina 2016-02-22 | 20:41
Yuen Method is turning me into a better human being. It’s been less than one year that I started with modules 1,2 and 3 and now I see life from a different perspective and enjoy the shifts of energy that take place as I take action . It has been really nice to meet people from all over the world that are taking action as well and turning this world into a better place. Thank you Dr. Kam Yuen for shedding light where there was not!

Patti 2016-02-22 | 22:53
By introducing me to the Yuen Method and the many truths that are used to strengthen weakness. Opening up many possibilities I did not know of before.

Lubna 2016-02-22 | 23:24
No I didn’t attend any past events

Ana Camara 2016-02-23 | 03:30
La ha cambiado en todos los aspectos … me ha dado paz, calma, luz

Laura López 2016-02-23 | 06:27
He visto milagros operarse en algunas personas que han participado de metodoyuen en particular tengo una amiga qué borró totalmente un dolor de espalda crónico y eso me motiva a seguir al doctor Yuen, en mi caso aún persisten los problemas de todo tipo: físicos, mentales y emocionales, pero sigo de cerca al doctor Yuen esperando y deseando también solucionar mis problemas gracias

Debbie 2016-02-23 | 06:34
It has improved every aspect of my life for more than 20 years and continues to improve as I learn more.

Leo 2016-02-23 | 06:35
I am happier, and more calm

Faith 2016-02-23 | 07:58
It has made me more aware of the energy structures that influence me from this life and lives past.

Guillermina 2016-02-23 | 08:28
More understanding how I can improve any area in my life

Aw 2016-02-23 | 08:37
It had opened my eyes to the power of emotions to crease blockages in the physical body and the value of being neutral. I am able to use the concepts to improve my life and the lives of others.

Juanma 2016-02-23 | 08:38
Quisiera vender mi casa de forma prospera. Y la direccion de la cabecera de la cama da al oeste.segun tengo entendido es mala orientacion para cualquiera que duerma alli.quisiera saber que se puede hacer. Gracias Y un abrazo Juanma

Christiane 2016-02-23 | 08:45
I keep focused

Margaret Powell 2016-02-23 | 09:50
I saw Dr Yuen personally in 2002 with a back problem that my doctor told me could only be resolved through surgery …. after I couldn’t walk anymore!!! Dr. Yuen spent half an hour with me and I have not had a back problem since.

Victory 2016-02-23 | 10:09

Nancy 2016-02-23 | 10:26
Yes. Way better. Things I didn’t know, now I do.You have a choice and can change thing’s. Thank you!

Francisca 2016-02-23 | 10:53
Deseo asistir al webinar del Dr. Yuen, pero no se si esta traducido, no entiendo el ingles, sorry

Patricia 2016-02-23 | 10:54
I am forever changed and grateful for it due to Dr. Yuen’s teachings and guidance. Thank you.

Katie McBride 2016-02-23 | 11:08
Becoming more focused, natural. still working on issues with weight, anger. Lot of grief clearing these days.

Millie 2016-02-23 | 11:23
I experienced how quickly I can change things for myself and others, including long distance. I love both of you and find the combination of you is greater and more effective. Thank you for the work you do. Peace and blessings, Millie Stultz

Lupita Galaviz 2016-02-23 | 11:35
Ha sido maravilloso conocer este metodo, Gracias Dr. Yuen, lo quiero

Nathalie 2016-02-23 | 12:18
Beyond what words can say. Life changing, life altering, a world free of pain and the gift of being able to help others get free of pain. As a mother i cannot imagine having a child and not being able to heal my child myself straight away, no matter what it was.. including broken bones!!!!!

Eva 2016-02-23 | 12:49
It is always interesting

Leticia 2016-02-23 | 13:10
Tengo paz y más claridad para decidir

Patrick 2016-02-23 | 14:12
I am still chugging along

Karen 2016-02-23 | 14:20
I have taken classes years ago and have had great success treating family and friends. Would love to attend another class.

Susan 2016-02-23 | 14:28
I haven’t attended past events.

Arianna 2016-02-23 | 15:13
Just started to read the book

April 2016-02-23 | 15:23
It’s made me feel much better!

Michele 2016-02-23 | 16:41

Julie 2016-02-23 | 16:55

victory 2016-02-23 | 16:56
The Yuen Method has help me and family very much