A Message From Dr. Yuen …

August 13, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

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Hello everyone,

A message from Dr. Kam Yuen …

I’ve been asked often to make comments about the new rules of money/finances, less weight/body size reduction, and unconditional love/sexual neutrality. 

When all three come together and merge with strength, you have a naturally strong and fit TRIAD that will make your life more pleasant, with little to no struggle. You will be balanced, centered, stabilized and automatically STRONGLY NEUTRAL. You never want to struggle with one element at a time, or not knowing that you have other elements that you need and want to strengthen and fit in your life. You must strengthen all components of your triad. You have to integrate all three of them and ensure that they are strong and fitting for you. It is easier than you mentally think!


For example, if you mentally think about money/finances, you may be given advice and/or a specific program to follow about how to make money and if you’re not strong/fit for it, you have a weakness. It’s not going to work for you.  You will always be working on it instead. Your thoughts will not get you very far.

So, the best suggestive advice will never work for you if you’re not connected to it strongly, and being strong/fit to it, too.

The rules of finances may be applicable, most likely by accident to others, but will not be specifically applicable to everyone.  You don’t want to accidentally succeed with finances or hope some kind of miracle will increase your finances.  You want to be strong and fit to your career.  You want the career to be strong and strengthen you.  Likewise, you want to connect strongly with money.  You want money to connect strongly with you.

That’s pretty much a simple process of just finding the right sequential order of weakness and strengthening it. 

Likewise, the same principle applies to WEIGHT and REJUVENATION.  You want to connect strongly and fit with your physical intelligence of the central nervous system, not with your mind.  You cannot use your mind to accomplish anything as far as reducing or deleting the effect of the weight on your body.

You want to be strong to rejuvenate, and you want to ensure that your body does not expand itself. As we get older, people get a larger body and larger head and that actually increases the body weight.  So your aging and weight go together.  Rejuvenation and weight go together, hand in hand.

Consider RELATIONSHIPS.  You need and want to ensure that there are NO WEAKNESSES in having conditional love, or putting a condition on other people to love them, or them putting a condition on you.  You want to ensure that it is totally UNCONDITIONAL.  That comes from having irrefutable neutrality. You want to ensure that EVERYTHING in life is approached with NEUTRALITY.  This means you become more and more above it all, taking charge in a nice way and becoming the expert without further debate or argument. 

The same principle holds true with SEXUAL NEUTRALITY.  You want that to be strong for you, and NOT TRY to be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE about it.  Most important, you want to connect with your physical potential of your PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE to make it strong and fit for you, sexually, so you don’t have to question or be concerned about it.  When you have sexual concerns or questions, this is really coming from your mind sabotaging you again.  If you use your mind to attempt to improve your physical performance, good luck! It doesn’t really work that way. THE LESS YOU USE YOUR MIND, THE BETTER OFF YOU ARE!

The modern-day suggestion of improving the mind, such as mindfulness, really doesn’t work that well in this physical dimension, universe and existence.  When you are directed to activate and use your physical intelligence, you will find yourself being stronger and more fit in ALL your LIFE processes and able to make things work better for yourself.

Just by simply combining all three of these elements together, it will increase exponentially the potential in your life that matters the most.  They are there for each other; not to be unevenly independent.

The reason, cause and source, of why we created the three Tele-Course bundle (all 3 together) is so that when you take all 3 together, you can experience everything merging together synergistically

This will raise the bar for you, your family and the rest of humanity.


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