Are You FIGHTING With Your Boss, Co-Workers, Partner, Kids, or Siblings?

April 8, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Why Does Unresolved Karma Lead to Arguments …

Who Owes Who?

Basically, we owe each other.

Basically you owe me, I owe you and everyone owes everyone else.  

This may or may not be true! However, some deep and often hidden part of us insists that this must be the case, even though we may be adverse to admitting or recognizing it. Consciously, for the most part, we are unaware of what precipitates what.  This is when human problems begin and humanity’s unanswered questions remained unanswered and not only add up, but actually multiply to become more serious problems.  

When you and others mistakenly allow your minds to convince you that there are unpaid debts that need to be paid, confronted and discussed, arguments begin, even if only one person is the instigator. 

These disagreements inevitably continue escalating until perhaps leading to the worse scenario of physical altercations and violence.  After all, hasn’t this been the case with Nations throughout history?  This is also the very same violence that leads to mental illness. 

With your internal computers, you can resolve and delete all past criticism, judgment, blaming, complaining, justifying, and qualifying opinions.

Karma Resolution

This is an important step for everyone, and in the case of mental illness, when the perpetrator of “payback” and “owing” is located on the spiritual level as karma, this action is essential. In the mind of a mentally ill person, karma is often seen as divine retribution. 

For most other people in the world and particularly those who are interconnecting and communicating with you, just turning on both your own and their internal computers is a indispensable start.  

Turning “on” your internal computers strengthens the general weaknesses of you and the other person with whom you are interacting. The reverse of this is also true.  By strengthening your general weaknesses and those of the other person, you are turning “on” both necessary internal computers. This starts the internal computers’ operating systems of sorting through the matching and un-matching comparative processes to pinpoint the weakest of all possible weaknesses.  

By strengthening the deletion, you are essentially locating the deletion key to delete the nonessential programs and erroneous data/information that are unconducive to life. This includes specifically the cumulative effects of past emotions, reactions and sensations, which have no life purpose in your future. Unfortunately for almost all of us, the majority of the human population will not acknowledge, accept and recognize that this can be done.   

This physical and nonphysical limitation is inherited from our forefathers and foremothers. To change this is not treating them with disrespect. In fact, when you insightfully communicate with them, their spirits want to delete these limited past experiences, thoughts and oral communications. In addition, they want to delete their serious and non-serious karmas if they have purposely and non-purposely placed those limitations on others.  

Before moving further forward, we want to add that communicating with your forefather/foremother, etc. is not an outrageous task. It is something we all naturally can do, when you consider yourself as intelligent computers. Yes, computers do have their own intelligence, which you can refer to as “electronic brains” as we Chinese have done. There is actually more to this “discussion,” if it stirs your human interest, join Training Module 8 and experience


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