Do You Prefer to Age or “Un-age?”

September 13, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Begin “Un-aging” Instead of Aging!

Know that “Un-Age” is not a legitimate English word!
Let’s not be concerned about the legitimacy of words.
Let’s restore legitimacy to everything and not follow conventional concepts for no reason other than they have been around for a long time.

You can continue Aging or instead initiate the process (to a great extent) of “Un-aging”!

You can age or begin to “un-age.” In deciding between the two, you definitely have more of a choice than you think. You erroneously believe that you don’t have any options in this matter. In actuality, you can make a choice or a no-choice, and either of these choices can be one of two possible extremes.  To clarify this, your choice can be one of producing a certain limited effect or one of generating a significant unlimited effect.

When you have encountered too many “no choice” situations or have practiced and thought about “no choice” incidents on a regular basis in your life, then you perfect having the “no choice” experience.  

Do you remember that “choices” are offset by triggers and issues in your life? Once the balance of the triad is lost or compromised, your life is a continuous struggle.  


Choice is as correctable as other aspects of your life. When this does not occur, it means that you are not up to par with your intuitive knowledge or that you just plain refuse to take intuition into consideration. We can allow ourselves to become as conventional as everyone else, not recognizing or worse still, not acknowledging that we do have intuition to use in our lives. 

Do you realize that getting old, thinking old and looking old are also spiritual experiences? 

Your soul retains memories of thousands of years of aging experiences, not only your own, but those of your ancestors as well as collective memories. Let’s not allow our spirit and other spirits to age our bodies any further.

More Questions and Dispelling the Myth on Aging 

I just want to dispel the conventional thinking that leads to creating aging myths. For a person who is more than 72 years old or young, there must be something more I can say about aging than can someone who is 50 or 60 years of age. I still have my hair on my head, my original teeth, no sagging skin, muscles, osteoporosis, excess weight or mental dementia. I know how to handle any stress and am able to teach other seniors and would- be seniors to do the same.  This assurance is coming more from a place of achieving demonstrable results rather than from writing lengthy dissertations or having drawn-out discussions on aging. More on this later, so please stay tuned!

Of course the number of years we have is always on the increase and despite our denials and forgetfulness, the years are still going to take place and add up. We are all caught in this forever treadmill, wondering if and when we will no longer be able to walk without tiring ourselves out and so on.

Up to this point in human history, we have dealt with aging not by resolving the issues it presents but by using suppression, denial, numbing, partially or totally shutting ourselves down, not being truthful with ourselves and practicing forgetting, all habits that most of you have already heard me discuss.


Wouldn’t you agree that these are some of the “common human tools” we have all used? As we progress in our time table, we actually become experts in their usage. We make them not just a part of us, but more and more they have become a definition of us. Yes, it is sad but true. Of course, the common excuse is that we don’t have any choice when it comes to operating in this manner, which is one of three leading aging myths.

Commonly, the only thing that is constant and consistent is that we, in every second of our long lives, are constantly triggered by thoughts and events that have happened in the past and that unknowingly will continue to disrupt and haunt our lives, making us resort to using those “common human tools” when triggers cause our reactions and emotions to be intense and inappropriate.

Triggers are the third item, which make up the extremely important triad of issues-triggers-choices, a trio that inevitably messes us up to no end. Until we can recognize them and deal with them quickly and effectively– preferably in “real time”– there will be no hopeful promises for tomorrow or fulfilled expectations in our futures.

Because of the countless and endless issues pertaining to aging, one or more upsets in this area can be overwhelming. This scenario is certainly limiting and restricting. Unfortunately, we remain unaware of this predicament and continue to practice limitations and restrictions until we have no choice but to acknowledge and finally admit that we have aged.

You don’t have to be over 50 to obtain the indispensable and critical improvements being offered.  In fact, the opposite scenario is actually true. The sooner you deal with aging, the sooner you will begin the un-aging process and the fewer issues you will have later in life.

In the meantime, I will provide you with three proverbial questions just to whet your appetite. 

Three Proverbial Questions 

  1. Is aging weakening us or is it our weakness to aging that causes us to age?
  2. Is aging slowing us down or is slowing down leading us to age?
  3. Is aging making us forget or is forgetting making us age?

Resolve these questions in addition to so many others that have plagued mankind for eons by experiencing changes “on the spot” within seconds, of course.

For those of you who are interested, here is my response to AARP’S agenda.

Statement from AARP:

“…..Increase access to long-term care and community-based services so older Americans can remain in their homes longer and avoid costly institutions as they age.

Dr. Yuen answers to AARP’s statement:

  • Let’s not only prevent but reverse any potential for or experience of long-term care for us seniors.”  …. Dr. K Yuen, DC
  • Let’s not only minimize and avoid but demolish any potential and experience of the costly institutional care as we age!”  ….. Dr. K Yuen, DC
  • Let’s keep our aging body fit, allowing us to take care of ourselves and stay in our homes until we decide to check out of our body and from this planet.”  …. Dr. K Yuen, DC
  • Let us wipe out and prevent any disease in our lives by deleting the effects of our mind that lead to physical and mental diseases as we age.”      … Dr. K Yuen, DC
  • As an aging senior I can show that you as seniors and would-be seniors can experience this and stop talking about and listening to any more nonsense from anyone!”  …. especially those who are younger than we are and don’t know any better!” Dr. K Yuen, DC
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