Children and Family Resolution

August 13, 2019 Mike Heise


For Children and Those Who Have No Children, Perhaps Just Parents and Aging Parents and Family Members.

This event will resolve both your children and your parents. Then we will take care of you afterwards!

Yes, You Can Make Children Better Globally.
We adults are all responsible that.
This includes your own children.
They will be outstanding Scholar, Athlete, Musician, Artist, and Performer.
You can end all your worries and concerns.
They will naturally be outstanding and responsible citizens.

Gaining access to their central nervous system
in a matter of seconds, is the missing key.
These improvements can be done without lecturing to them.

You can ensure children will be safe at all time and grow up to be trustworthy mature adults to change and make the world better.

It isn’t at all by changing mental thinking and spirituality.
It is totally about access your central nervous system and activate it as you turn on a computer to make your life easier and more efficient.

Your central nervous system is the most intelligent part of your body. It is your internal computer that you have at all times.

Dr. Yuen and The Yuen Method will strengthen all parents, especially aging parents of their physicality. This system has been formulated by Dr. Yuen, who is close to 80 years old. He still can function as a person 20 to 40 years younger in terms of fitness than health. Your parents will resolve their fitness deficiency without strenuous exercise and training.

Dr. Yuen’s approach is totally unique, which your parents will perceive the improved changes before the finish of each event. Your parents need not participate.

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