Delete Overwhelming Stress & Anxiety From Body Weight/Aging, Finances And Relationships


  • Do you have relationship stress?
  • Can’t lose weight despite all of your efforts?
  • Worried about how you look or appearance?
  • Loss of sex drive or libido?
  • Financial hardship destroying your relationship?
  • Financial obstacles that prevent success?   

If YES, Watch this free stream clinic so that you can experience how your stress and pain can be deleted on the spot …

Be in charge of your life!

Tele-Clinic Description:

Money/Career – Body Weight/Rejuvenation – Unconditional Love/Sexual Neutrality. Find out how these three major components of your life synergistically come together … 

Just by simply combining all three of these elements together synergistically, it will increase exponentially the potential in your life that matters the most. They are there for each other; not to be unevenly independent.



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Live callers from around the world called in as Dr. Yuen and Marnie strengthened and deleted family and father related issues, karma and negative experiences, and much more! Here’s what fans said in the live chat   

chat bubble Diane – Thank you, Kam, 12 years ago you strengthened me for financial success and I’ve done very well since then, & I’m now so comfortable, not struggling.  Thanks lots!

chat bubble Linda – I had lots of strengthening, ease, shifting, and more engaging in activity

chat bubble Lauren – Wow, Dr. Yuen nailed it re: the neighbor influences in our own lives, I could feel it but had no way to put it into words, let alone delete it!

chat bubble Elaine -Thank you!  Love and Light to all! Energy moving through the body!

chat bubble Rowena – I feel stronger

chat bubble Anna – Yes lighter energy in the overall back

chat bubble Cristina – I feel empowered for my new financial venture

chat bubble Deb – Neck pain gone and tingling energy flowing all over

chat bubble Crystal – I feel the energy! Now feeling a bit more centered and relaxed

chat bubble Joseph Campagna – feel very strong up thru spine and strong thru respiratory system

chat bubble Terry – Dr Yuen is really good! Feeling neutrality to complaints around me – that’s primarily within my busy workplace, is getting stronger

chat bubble Karina – my breathing is opening up more and more

chat bubble Tina – neck feels looser, I feel lighter


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