Delete Your Relationship Pain & Stress [Free Live Stream Replay]

August 22, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Watch This Free Amazing Webinar by Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.
Doctor for over 30 Years and Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster.

Yuen Method Demonstration Video
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Dr. Kam Yuen D.C. gave a Live demonstration on how to: “Delete Your  Relationship Stress & Pain” on the spot. 

Are you (or anyone you know) suffering from any of these symptoms?

Family Relationship Problems and Stress:

  •  Relationship with yourself
  •  Mother or Father problems
  •  Family disputes
  •  Ultimate family karma resolution
  • Delete and reinforce the deletion of all family karma of yours and others from hurting each other
  •  Improve your future and your descendants
  •  Strengthening for conception, fetus, birth, and memories
  •  Improve relationships with siblings, grandparents, friends

Relationships with Partner/Spouse:

  •  Attracting a relationship that is exactly what you desire
  •  Breaking up/divorce
  •  Relationship fears/phobias, traumas, abuse
  •  Feelings of being trapped or controlled by partner
  •  Loneliness/abandonment

Intimacy and Sexual Relationships:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Desire and lust
  • Expansion and extension of any general relationship into intimacy and sexual if so desired
  • Strengthen any relationship to the next or the highest level if you desire and decide to

 Business Relationships:

  • Improve your work life by improving your business relationships
  • Problems and stress with co-workers, employees, bosses, etc.

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