Would you like to delete family related issues, remove karma and negative experiences that may be affecting you or your loved ones?

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[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”autopx” height=”autopx” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Here’s some success stories from people who watched:

  • WOW! During the live stream my blood pressure at the start was 144/88 and changed to 124/69
  • Thanks a lot for taking my call. I am less overwhelmed with emotions. I will for sure stay connected for more and will stay strong.
  • Attended Denver, CO, 2002, & have doing this work ever since… I felt every deletion this evening, especially the CNS, ‘no mind’ awareness and had heat from head to toe & the heart area with the finance deletions… Much LOVE to you both!
    Cyn … (Chicago)
  • Communications cleared up on my business deal right after your webinar. Thank you so much!
    Love, Debbie B.


  • Communication problems, divorce,
  • Financial pressures,
  • Negative emotions/experiences (anger, resentments)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Balance of work and family
  • Domestic violence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Unwanted separation due to job or personal demands
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual Impotence
  • Over-dependency or extreme autonomy
  • Intolerance of differences
  • Busyness
  • Absent father/mother figure
  • Lack of discipline
  • In-law challenges
  • Negative media influences
  • Hostile conflict between mother and child
  • Unrealistic expectations from parent to child
  • Materialism
  • Inability to manage or resolve conflicts
  • Step families
  • Teen issues
  • Chronic crises or unexpected upheavals
  • Favoring or disfavoring family members
  • Death of a loved one
  • Addiction
  • Aging parents/grandparents

(#1 IN 5 COUNTRIES! JAN – FEB – MAR 2015)

Come Experience This For Yourself! 

Shocking to most people … It’s never what you think it is!

Watch and see how the REAL reasons, causes, and sources of the problem and/or pain are pinpointed and deleted on the spot.

Remember, the Yuen Method is as natural as breathing … everyone can learn and experience how to do it. 

The Yuen Method is a way of life!

It’s not something you do once in a while!

If you have participated in a past live stream, join us again for continual life improvement. Everyone will benefit!

Note: You will benefit from watching the replay as the strengthening and deletion that Dr. Yuen and Marnie demonstrated will be reinforced.

If you have family problems, this is a MUST WATCH!