May 2, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Dr. Yuen’s live stream – How to Delete Emotional Pain & Stress –
Relationship Pain, Financial Stress, Addictions, Fears and Phobias:

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5 Week Tele-Clinic

If you are having relationship or financial pain & stress – you can join us for our five week
Tele-Clinic – Dr. Yuen will specifically look at your situation and resolve it with you:

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Or you can learn the method  to delete stress for yourself and others
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If You Aren’t Sure
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Do you want to use less of your mind and more of your brain?

I will direct you how each and every time with immediate acknowledgement of successful results by you and everyone else.

This a new and complete way of improving your intelligence without your mind’s limitations being in the way of you fulfilling your physical potential, physical intelligence and wellbeing.

Now you can improve everything in life without being continuously sabotaged and limited by your mind’s thinking, emotional non intelligence, accompanied by psychological tendencies, which may very well be bordered by psychosis.

In this Module 2, you can be directed every time to resolve problems of depression, bipolar, Schizophrenia and severe relationship breakups in everyone including your family members, your patients and clients.

You can also effectively resolve rage, hatred, hostility, suicidal, substance addictions and other unresolvable mental inclination problems which constitute as mental illnesses.

– Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.