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DKYP by Dr. Kam Yuen with the Yuen Method #70


  1. We are not asking you to quit any program you presently on.
  2. ​​We can make whatever program you are on work the best for you.
  3. ​We will never ask to change your ways, your behavior, your belief, or your religion.
  4. ​No embarrassing personal questions will ever be asked.
  5. We will get to your genuine reasons, causes, and sources of the issue.
  6. Unlike other programs, the Yuen Method offers resolutions, not just information.

Addictions TeleClinic
4 Month Clinic
Starting Tuesday June 8th 2021
3pm to 4pm Pacific Time.
Bi-Weekly Clinic
Live Zoom Webinar.

For more information: https://yuenmethod.com/resolving-addictions-tele-clinic