Dr. Oz‘s TV Program Included a Candid Discussion On Past Lives …

April 8, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Exploring Past Lives Is a Step Forward, but It Is Only One of Several
Aspects Involved in the Total Resolution of a Current Problem…

Dr. Oz on Past Lives

Dr. Oz on Past Lives

Dr. Oz‘s TV program:

The question presented was “Did you live a past life?” He also included also a section on “the science behind regression therapy.”

There was a sincere attempt to explore the methodology of uncovering experiences that transpired in past lives that often held the key to healing people in their present lives. Past life regression has been implemented for decades by psychologists and hypnotherapists with some degree of proclaimed success in relieving people of current problems. 

Although, there is still no widespread evidence of achieving guaranteed and consistent results, still exploring past lives is taking a giant step forward in expanding today’s mainstream current beliefs, which limit our understanding of the nature of consciousness and of how current mishaps are initiated and compounded over centuries and even eons. 

It is my opinion, after thirty years of experience in relieving chronic pain, stress and illness on the spot for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe and teaching tens of thousands of others to do the same, that the conscious mind is never aware of the true reasons/sources/causes that created a specific problem in the first place and therefore, such problems cannot be permanently, completely and effortlessly resolved by any instrument of the conscious mind. 

To this end using hypnosis and past life regression to explore the subconscious and unconscious minds, where the unknown reasons/sources/causes of a problem reside is certainly taking a step in the right direction. 

That being said, the sources and causes of current problems go far beyond the single component of a past life memory surfacing.  Many other contributing sources of any problem are hidden in the unconscious mind, as well, and include memories, not only of everything that has happened to you in this life and in past /future lives and associated karma, but additionally memories/experiences/beliefs that have come from ancestors who dramatically influence our lives in all sorts of subtle ways that go unrecognized, influences from descendants and from the collective mind of various groups, including the entire human collective conscious, your nation, your region, your race, your religion, your culture, your profession, your sex (male or female), certain age groups, and finally stimuli from others that you have unknowingly connected to on a psychic level. 

However, identifying the precise reasons/sources/causes of a problem, such as physical, mental or spiritual traumas, physical or mental Illnesses, negative emotions, negative experiences, limiting thoughts/beliefs and karmas, whatever their source, identification is only the first step. As complex and laborious as this first step may sound, the Yuen Method has devised a series of simple steps to follow, that allow students and practitioners to complete pinpointing the unique and unknown reasons/sources/causes in five minutes.

In the next step, since the conscious mind has difficulty releasing any thought, memory or emotion when it is consciously aware of what happened, another technique must be found.  In the Yuen Method we have developed a straightforward and uncomplicated way to delete these underlying culprits completely from the mind, spirit and body, as quickly and easily as we delete unwanted emails, in two seconds or less.

Finally, when a deletion is performed, it will be an incomplete solution, for example, if it includes one past memory of a trauma, or a negative emotion such as fear. Current problems often seem irresolvable because one disturbing thought, emotion, sensation or reaction in the present can trigger all previous similar memories (regardless of their source), thus increasing the intensity of the existing situation to a point where the person even may feel overwhelmed by this cumulative effect.

Therefore, it is necessary to delete the cumulative effects in any situation.  For example, if a person is experiencing a great deal of stress, and you locate one underlying cause of the stress to be uncertainty  (about the future in general and about making choices, decisions and actions would best serve the person), it is necessary to delete the cumulative effects of uncertainty of the future  from the mind, body and spirit.  Also delete the cumulative effects of making decisions, choices and actions that did not serve the person from the mind, body  and spirit. 

By using cumulative effect you are including all experiences of uncertainty, and of making decisions, choices and taking actions that did not serve the person regardless if the source was past/future lives, ancestors, descendants, collective influences now and in the past, influences that have or had been picked up from others and so, as long as they affected this person.

In closing, this is not about a philosophy to be debated, evaluated and so on. It is all about obtaining permanent and consistent results that usually occur on the spot.  I take no personal position about past/future lives or about being affected by descendants. I can only say that when these influences come up for various people and are deleted, their problems are immediately resolved.

We have eliminated problems, other than stress and pain, including PTSD, ADHD, schizophrenia, financial and relationship difficulties  and others too numerous to mention, all on the spot.  These results speak louder than any theory and should eliminate any need for further debate on this subject.

There is nothing miraculous about the Yuen Method. It is just ordinary every day stuff that anyone can learn. You can experience this process of what we call, The Science of Immediate Results, for yourself by signing up for our next FREE LIVE STREAM TELE-CLINIC – CLICK HERE

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