Father, What Comes To Mind?

June 21, 2016 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

When you think of your dad?

When you think of your children (if you are a father)?

Is it benevolent, hostile or somewhere in between?

It can be indifferent or nothing at all!

Whatever it is, it is a biological and social relationship that affects all of your life relationships. This includes your professional, business, social, personal and even romantic relationships.

As in all relationships, there are always two-way mutual effects of father to children and children to father. This stands out more significantly on FATHER’S DAY.

Instead of thinking, wishing and hoping the best or the worst for your father, you can place a strong compelling thought to your father’s midline. This will induce strength, endurance and flexibility to achieve balance, center and stability leading unparalleled calming effect and neutrality with each other.

With such indulgence, you can easily cancel and delete all blame, criticism and judgment, leaving no room for further discussions and debates.

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Father’s Day is coming up and you want to be sure your father problems are deleted BEFORE Father’s Day so that you have a neutrally happy Father’s Day.

How does your relationship with your father affect your life?

It’s Your Time to Delete and Strengthen Father Issues and Your Family’s, Including:

  • Spiritual: relationship conflicts, disputes & dynamics
  • Re-establish a better relationship with your father
  • You can resolve the issues (negative choices and triggers), even if your father has passed on
  • You are required to change his spirit before you can completely improve yourself
  • Strengthen your father to remain physically fit and mentally sharp
  • Reverse the reasons of your father’s aging and debilitating conditions
  • Ensure no financial energy and time draining issues of your father in the future
  • Ensure there is no karma associated with a father and his descendants    
  • Delete and strengthen all father-associated trauma, illnesses, limitations, and fears

And much more …

  • Delete financial difficulties that can be traced to your father
  • Delete relationship problems that can be traced to your father
  • Delete emotional problems that can be traced to your father including low self-esteem, propensity for arguing, anxiety, depression
  • Delete if your father’s behavior still continues to affect you in any way
  • Delete all problems with your father if he is deceased, if you were adopted, if you don’t know who he is
  • If you are a father, delete problems that can be passed on to your children
  • Improve your communication and your current relationship with your father once and for all


Do you feel your husband is a good father?

  • Arguments, family feuds?

Experience Resolving Father’s Issues …

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Your life path will be easier!

You will have one less major hurdle!

Watch your life blossom!

A lot of fathers will try to either emulate their father or do the opposite. The great news here is that you aren’t your dad. You aren’t anyone but you. You can make your way as a father in any way that you want.

This Father’s Day, if you are a father, take a moment to appreciate the importance of your role in your childrens’ lives.  It may not always be obvious, but you make a big difference in whatever capacity you can be present. You can direct your children to live up to their physical infinite potential. It’s important to provide paternal strength to a child – whether yours or someone else’s. You don’t have to be the biological father to strengthen and connect with a child. As a father, you can make it happen by constantly strengthening his or her weaknesses. It only requires a few seconds of your time. Instead of idle thinking mindfulness, you can generate the “internal actions” of improvement without anyone consciously knowing that you are doing it.

If you have unresolved problems or negative experiences/memories with your father, grandfather or even father-in-laws, join our Pre-Father’s Day special LIVE stream Tele-Clinic and Dr. Yuen and Marnie will delete all your related father and/or family problems in a matter of seconds. This might go back years, and even generations. You can experience how to do most of it for yourself and your family.

Come experience this live and instantaneous deletion so that this Father’s Day you will be Neutrally Happy … which means your family-related problems will become “no problems”. They will have NO effect on you or your family because all negative emotions and experiences are deleted on the spot.

You can be in charge of happiness for everyone in your family.

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