June 4, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

It’s important to strengthen yourself for FATHER’S DAY before the actual day. This is why Dr. Yuen created this Special Father’s Day Video for you.

Many of us are parents, some mothers, some fathers – and many feel we could be better mothers or fathers. Some of us feel our children can be better – and we all can improve our intuition with other family.

We all want to honor our father’s.

Even if your father has long since passed. You can still connect and strengthen the effects your father has had on you.

To honor your father more than just on father’s day, you will want the best for your father every day of the week for the rest of his life.

This doesn’t necessary mean that that you must physically connect with your father at all times.

When you do think of your father, you want to strengthen him to every one of his physical, mental and spiritual weaknesses. You can easily do this, when you think of your father’s physical potential, you want to strengthen that thought on his mid-line.

When you think of your father’s mental and spiritual potentials, you likewise strengthen each one on his mid-line.

Instead of merely thinking the best for your father, you can go beyond just thinking the best for him. You can strengthen his general weaknesses until he has less of them. Then you can be more specific and strengthen his specific weaknesses of his daily life routine. Everyone has weaknesses in daily life activities (routine) that goes unnoticed. We are collectively all at fault for this. When weaknesses go unnoticed and unchanged, the numbers of weaknesses goes up. It is the increase of these unrecognized weaknesses that lead to serious wellness consequences.  All weaknesses can be deleted (eliminated) on the spot.

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IT’S YOUR TIME To Delete and Strengthen Father Issues and Your Families, Including….

  • Spiritual: Relationship conflicts, disputes & dynamics
  • Re-establish a better relationship with your father
  • You can resolve issues even if your father has passed on
  • Strengthen your father to remain physically fit and mentally sharp
  • Reverse the reasons of your father’s aging and debilitating conditions
  • Ensure no financial energy and time draining issues of your father in the future
  • Ensure there is no karma associated with a father and his descendants    
  • Delete and strengthen all father associated trauma, illnesses, limitations, and fears
  • And much more…….

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Delete Your Negative Spiritual Karma

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