Delete Weight and Rejuvenate On The Spot!



Are You Experiencing the Following Problems?

Weight Failures:

  • Can’t lose weight despite all your efforts?

Obesity Related Diseases, Illness, or Health Problems Caused By Weight Gain:

  • High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, ulcers, gallstones, changes in hormonal levels, back and joint pain, problems with your liver, kidneys and heart

Food Issues:

  • Over-eating, food issues, and cravings
  • Binge eating due to stress, depression, negative emotions/experiences
  • Food addiction
  • Challenges with sweets, salts, fats

Other Issues:

  • Worried about how you look/appearance
  • Loss of your sex drive/libido
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Weight gain during pregnancy

You Will Experience:

  • Deletion of group aging and weight gain weaknesses that sabotage everyone
  • Quick resolution by deletion 

Shocking to most people … It’s never what you think it is …  

 If you want to lose weight and rejuvenate, this is a MUST WATCH!  


(#1 IN 5 COUNTRIES! JAN – MAY 2015 Psychology & Medicine)  

Watch this free stream clinic so that you can experience how your aging and weight problems can be improved on the spot  …

The Objective Is To Reverse the Aging Process!

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Live callers from around the world called in as Dr. Yuen and Marnie strengthened and deleted the real reasons, causes, and sources of aging pain and stress. Here’s what fans said in the live chat   

chat bubble  Alison: Really appreciate Dr. Yuen & Marine’s insight. It is truly Love’s Great work in this world, and so pragmatic. People are amazed with this because they stop thinking/caring about the issue!

chat bubble  Lauren: Thank you Dr. Yuen & Marnie, Brilliant Stuff!

chat bubble  Kelly: Hello everybody this is Kelly. Would you please assist me on how I can better improve my lower stomachs excess tissues? I have been improving area for a while and would like faster results. Thanks so much!

chat bubble Cristina: Thank you Dr Kam Yuen! Thank you Marnie! This is great 

chat bubble  Shari: I have really slow metabolism, can you speed me up lol!

chat bubble  Mariam: Energy in this Tele-Seminar is awesome. Thanks!

chat bubble  Cleo: It sounds complicated, but its so simple, and BEST of all, IT WORKS!!