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July 30, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Are You Making, Attracting and Receiving The Money You Deserve?

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Are you struggling with financial or career problems? Do you feel lost and in need of direction? Does daily life leave you feeling unfulfilled and in search of your true purpose? Do you seek answers about your TRUE LIFE PURPOSE and CAREER?

Live callers from around the world called in as Dr. Yuen and Marnie strengthened and deleted family and father related issues, karma and negative experiences, and much more! Here’s what fans said in the live chat   

chat bubble TC – Thank you Dr. YUEN and MARNIE. I feel shifts just by listening.

chat bubble Alexandria – Thank you for your exceptional brilliance.

chat bubble Shin – It feels much better now in body and mind while listening to this webinar. Thanks a lot for your great work with helping all of us!

chat bubble Aaron – I feel much clearer. I wish I could do this when I was 13.

chat bubble Sharon – Bless you both for all the help you give us! Love & Light.