Fundraising Events online for…

May 2, 2017
May 2, 2017

For General Public
Hospital Dr. Nicolas

May 10. 2017

San Juan of Mexico
For Animal Heroes

May 11. 2017

Association of Mexico
(American Football)
Retired Players

May 12. 2017

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Wednesday, May 10. 2017 at 11AM PST:
Improvement of Parkinson and brain injuries through Other Family
Members Surrogate Participation

Thursday, May 11. 2017 at 11AM PST:
Reap the Benefits of Your Pets and All Living Creatures

Friday, May 12. 2017 at 11AM PST:
Quick Recovery of all Injuries – From Sports and Daily Activities

Saturday, May 13. 2017 at 11AM PST:
Hospital Complete Wellness Program

Please donate

a small amount of $20
This is a new approach to donating.
You will receive unparalleled Return
On Your Donation in benefits
and improvements for you,
Your family and friends.


Thank You

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