Heart Attacks & Strokes Fundraising Webinar

March 23, 2018 J Worrall

Heart Attacks and Strokes

Concerns, Worries, and Fears

not only for yourself

but other members of your family and friends? 

You will have physical weaknesses that

associate with concerns, worries and fears!

Those will make you more prone to heart attacks and strokes 

You will RESOLVE truthfully all of those worries, concerns, and fears within seconds when you

attending Dr. Yuen’s event!

You will not have to suppress, deny, numb and forget leading to first signs of Dementia and Alzheimer. 

There will be no healing, curing, treating, praying, motivating, inspiring, or more information of any kind, just immediate results!

Here is a special invite from Dr Yuen Himself.

Dr. Yuen, DC and the Yuen Method invite you to participate:

Heart Disease Prevention Fundraising Seminar

Cost: $20.00

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