Holiday & New Year’s Special Tele-Course and Tele-Clinic

November 12, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

That special time will soon be upon us when we revel in the most exhilarating week of the year celebrating Christmas and the New Year. First you have Christmas, which is always uplifting in your body, mind, and spirit. 

Then comes New Year’s Eve with all the dressing up and partying, but despite all the fun, did you ever ask yourself why do people experience such a thrill when the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball finally drops at 12:00 am? You most likely would respond, “It’s pretty obvious that we’re welcoming the New Year.” This answer is quite misleading.

Whether you’re at a party, rejoicing with friends, or sitting at home, what you are really celebrating is not the coming of a new year. This momentary exuberance that excites us is the promise the new year brings; one of a new beginning-the hope of a better year to come-closing the door on the previous year and beginning anew with a clean slate.

Except for those who are bitter and judge 2014 as being just another year that didn’t give them a fair shake, on this night most people are looking forward rather than rehashing the past. The reality sets in somewhat later. The imagined promise of a new year/better life weakens until it dissipates totally. Life resumes its natural course. Unfortunately, as much as we wish for it to be so, 2015 isn’t a free ticket to dumping the baggage we’re carrying from 2014.

Who Among Us Didn’t Experience One or More
of the Following in 2014?

  • REGRETS about decisions you’ve made, actions you’ve taken or choices you’ve selected
  • WORRIES about your future security
  • DISAPPOINTMENTS that certain wants/needs/desires didn’t materialize
  • STRESSES about finances/relationships/health
  • DOUBTS about what you’ve done or will do
  • INDECISIVENESS regarding handling undesirable situations
  • REJECTIONS, personal/work-related
  • FRUSTRATIONS over anything/everything
  • HURTS unappreciated/unloved/unsupported/criticized/loss
  • ANNOYANCES-mate/children/parents/in-laws/boss/co-workers/employees/other
  • GRIEVANCES treated unfairly/wrongly blamed/betrayed/abused/other

Remember, This Baggage Just Keeps Accumulating!

Imagine the mess if your garbage collector was a no-show for forty years. Garbage would take over the planet just as your mounting baggage has taken over your life.

Now is the Time to Change the Game for 2015

Join us to Delete the Cumulative Effects of
ALL Your 2014 Baggage, On the Spot

  1. Emotions
  2. Sensations
  3. Reactions
  4. Traumas
  5. Negative Thoughts
  6. Negative Experiences/Actions
  7. Illnesses
  1. Limitations
  2. Karmas
  3. Choices
  4. Issues
  5. Triggers
  6. Fears/Phobias

Start 2015 with a Clean Slate…

Be 100% Infinitely Strong to Your New Year’s
Resolutions, so They Actually Turn into Reality!

Watch Your Old Ending Evaporate
Experience Your New Beginning!

This is not just more of the contemporary rhetoric being promised by others. Dr. Yuen offers credibility and integrity. Who else but Dr. Yuen can credit themselves with having eliminated pain on the spot for what now numbers hundreds of thousands of people around the globe? His method is unlike any other ever developed and is entirely his own.

Registration is now OPEN for our Special Holiday & New Year Tele-Course and Tele-Clinic that will amazingly and forever ALTER your life.


3 Registration Options:

 1. Tele-Course:

In This Holiday and New Year Special Tele-Course, You Will Experience How to Delete the Cumulative Effects of ALL Your 2014 Baggage, On the Spot! Start 2015 with a Clean Slate… Be 100% Infinitely Strong to Your New Year Resolutions, so They Actually Turn into Reality!

You will learn and experience the principles of the Yuen Method live application as Dr. Yuen teaches. You will be supported with dedication for 5 consecutive weeks, experience and learn how to delete of all your negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions and experiences of 2014 and those of your distant past, all of which have been holding you back in this dimension, universe, and existence on this planet.

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2. Tele-Clinic:

In This Holiday and New Years Special Tele-Clinic, Dr. Yuen Will Delete the Cumulative Effects of ALL Your 2014 Baggage, on the Spot! Start 2015 with a Clean Slate…Be 100% Infinitely Strong to Your New Year’s Resolutions, so they Actually Turn into Reality!

This clinic is designed for personalized resolution of each individual’s pain and stress. Every attendee can submit specific problems/requests directly to Dr. Yuen each week. Dr. Yuen will personally delete and strengthen every attendee for the underlying weaknesses that have sabotaged your ability to stick to previous resolutions, despite your best intentions and efforts.

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3. The Ultimate Holiday and New Year’s Special Discount Bundle:

Tele-Course + Tele-Clinic

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