Delete on the Spot, All Overwhelming Money/Finance/Career Problems

August 17, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

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Hello everybody, this is Dr. Kam Yuen.

In this modern day, everything is about deletion when it comes to computers, and it should not be any different when it comes to your human internal computer and deleting negative life experiences.

You want to DELETE your problems with your money, finances and career just like using the delete key on a computer to delete unwanted files. If you are trying to work through them, or trying to live with them, this actually makes your financial/career situation worse.

It’s all about the new rules of money/finances/career. These new rules must be implemented, instead of just talking about following someone else’s footsteps because those footsteps may work for the person that achieved financial success, however, most of the time, it’s by accident that they have even achieved it.

The first rule is that you are surrounded by money. Simply, you want money to be strong with you, and you want to be strongly connected to the money.

If there’s a weakness, you can put forth all the effort you want, but it’s not going to strengthen your weak connection to money, and the money connection to you. You must have this foundation to start. Don’t think you’re going to “correct it” using theories or patterns that people have used for themselves, because most likely this won’t work for you. If you have a weakness to it, you can know all the steps to be successful, but if you’re weak to money, those steps won’t work for you.

It’s all about BEING STRONG WITH IT, and you have to KNOW whether you are STRONG WITH IT or NOT. You must have perception, intuition and insight to connect with it, so you don’t have to struggle with anything. I will program you for this in the upcoming Tele-Clinic on money/finances/career. This is not a clinic where you have to learn principles of money, rather I will strengthen you for your specific set of sequential weaknesses so that your wants, needs, and desires for true success are strong.

Struggling is merely a sensation, when it is recognized as such it can be deleted. It’s not something where you have to “overcome” your struggle, or “overcome” things in order to learn. It’s a life experience. Trying to overcome struggles is not a good way to approach anything.

It’s really about having direction of strengthening yourself and actually knowing what really troubles you. If you don’t know what troubles you, then you actually have difficulty changing it. Most of the time when you think you know what bothers you, it’s not really what bothers you. It’s really an assumption you make about what really bothers you. But you still need to delete that. You must put it altogether and strengthen yourself to it, and then delete it. Then you reset yourself to the situation to be strong, balanced, centered, and stabilized, which is neutrality. You’re not going to be positive about it and overcome your negatives. If you’re totally strongly neutral, then it doesn’t matter either way (positive or negative). And you don’t really need anyone to tell you and pseudo-event to direct you. It’s just pointed out to you what is weak, and you need to strengthen those weaknesses. The weaknesses actually give you the direction to go in as far as your action.

Taking immediate action does not require you to sit there and use your mind, and mindfully taking your time about which direction to go, because at this rate you will have already missed your opportunity.

Money surrounds you! Money is plentiful! There is no shortage of money! Anyone who says there is a lack of money in their life, has already misinterpreted it. When they misinterpret it, it’s actually difficult for them to achieve a strong connection with money. Money is just a natural experience and substance, just like taking your next breath. So being surrounded by the energy of money is not something you need to question. Your daily life will change so you won’t have to misinterpret or have misinformation of what to do with the money, which constantly surrounds you.

There’s really not that much to be concerned about. If you’re concerned about it, then you can have health problems from your misinterpretation about money, so you want to have new rules on health problems, or on health.

Health is not and cannot be a problem. It is just a natural occurrence, experience and thought that you have. You don’t want anybody making problems for you.

As far as worries, when you come to my Tele-Clinic, I will delete your worries in your life! People think you’ve gone crazy, and out of your mind, which is right because you choose to be out of your mind anyway. But your mind is actually constantly sabotaging you, so you want to increase your physical intelligence and your brain more often so you won’t have any more health problems.

When you are disconnected to your life fundamentals, this will lead to heart attacks, health problems, working too hard, and worrying about money. This doesn’t have to happen when you experience what I’m going to present to you in my upcoming Tele-Clinic on Money/Finances/Career. You will experience change right away, and will be able to acknowledge to yourself that you have made a change for the better.

You will be able to make a fair comparison of before and after in a matter of seconds, and you will know whether you have experienced a change or not. Even if you consciously think you cannot change, you still will move in the direction of “change”. It’s not about mental thoughts, and thinking that you have to use mental discipline and focus and all kinds of silly things that conventional thinkers tell you to generate the change. Rather, it’s about deleting your mind altogether, and using your physical intelligence to activate the change.

You won’t get tired or depressed. That’s not going to happen because I’m going to delete all your negative emotions. You can and will never experience them again. If you do, you can just take a few seconds of action to change it.

If you want to experience this Tele-Clinic for five weeks straight, and be able to submit your personal request each week as to what is bothering, troubling, annoying and disturbing you, join my Clinic from the comfort of your home. I will evaluate and reevaluate your specific requests each week.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity for you to experience how it’s done.

Dr. Kam Yuen D.C.

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and submit your personal requests for 5-weeks straight


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What’s the difference between a Tele-Course (Modules) and a Tele-Clinic?

A: 5-Week Tele-Clinics are programmed for you and personalized resolution along with each individual’s unknown causes, reasons and source of ALL pain and stress.

Every attendee will submit specific problems/requests directly to Dr. Yuen each week. Dr. Yuen will personally delete and strengthen every attendee without verbalization.

In 4-Week Tele-Courses you will learn to implement the Yuen Method, but not using traditional techniques. Rather, you will directly experience the principles of IMMEDIATE RESULTS as Dr. Yuen activates various latent abilities and downloads information specifically to you.

Q: I want to learn the Yuen Method. Where do I start? Can I take Tele-Clinics or Tele-Courses in any order, or is there a particular order I must take them in?

A: You can take any Clinic or Course as a first-timer. However, Yuen Method Modules One, Two, and Three (Video Courses) are a good place to begin. The Yuen Method is based on finding the underlying reasons, sources and causes (known as weaknesses) of any problem. These weaknesses can be located on either the physical, mental or spiritual level. Modules One, Two and Three lead you through these three levels. They are programmed for home study and can be processed at your own pace and in your own space and time.

Currently Modules- 7-8-9 allow you to interact with Dr. Yuen in live sessions with a weekly Q and A– you also RECEIVE the Yuen Method Fundamentals Course for free – in this course you will not learn, but directly experience the basic essentials of the Yuen Method.

Q: If you are already registered for Training Modules, do you still need a clinic?

A: If you are already registered for modules, we would recommend doing a clinic as well to address your specific issue(s). 

You need at least one Tele-Clinic to become Certified.

You have specific problems, either your own or those of someone you know, that you want Dr. Yuen to resolve. These problems can be in any area of your life, regardless of the clinic you register for. Each one of you, regardless of which course modules you take, should register for at least one set of clinics so that your major weaknesses can be profiled and deleted, so they no longer have the power to sabotage your life. Most people, including advanced practitioners and instructors have difficulty remaining neutral when determining their own major weaknesses, which ultimately end up blindsiding them.

You are interested either in improving your clinical abilities or in significant life-improvement, which translates into continuing the process of deleting all major weaknesses as well as strengthening neutrality, the speed and depth of insight, the mindless state and physical intelligence, so each is closer to 100% infinite potential. This is extremely difficult to do on your own.

For practitioners, the clinics will allow you to set new standards for everyone else to emulate.

On a personal level, the self-investment you make now will provide you many times the return on your outlay as you progress into your future.

The more frequent contact you have with Dr. Yuen and co-creator Marnie Greenberg and the Yuen Method, the closer you will become to attaining final resolution, which means being a Master who lives the method rather than using the method or teaching it.

Q: I am an advanced health care practitioner – How will a clinic benefit me?

A: Whether you are advanced or a beginner, clinics provide the opportunity to delete more weaknesses, obtain a strong neutral level and improve and increase your physical intelligence. The results you achieve will be faster, more complete and acknowledgeable by you and others.

Q: I am a therapist and work with a lot of people in pain. I was wondering if I could use the Yuen Method to help people get out of pain, without speaking or verbalizing with the client.

A: Yes, when using the Yuen Method you will achieve results without speaking/verbalizing to clients.

Q: Who are clinics for?

A: If you are in pain, have a life problem, are a practitioner, health care provider, or in the business of improving people life, this is for you!

Q: Do Tele-Clinics count toward certification?

A: 5-Week Tele-Clinics count as a Yuen Method credit toward certification (one 5- Week Yuen Clinic is a prerequisite).

Essential BENEFITS of Clinics:

      • Tele-Clinics are open to only 30 participants, offering you Dr. Yuen’s mastery of time to address each person’s life uniqueness as to individual needs, wants and desires.
      • Each week you can submit to Dr. Yuen your unique or common personal request for you or family members and friends. All will benefit.
      • You will benefit as Dr. Yuen strengthens the other participants.

Their health and life problems may seem unrelated to your own. But they are! Your weaknesses are often the same as someone else’s, although they revolve around entirely different problems. Ultimately resolving underlying weaknesses will generally and specifically resolve all and any health and life problems synergistically for you.

To reemphasize this, while someone may not be suffering from a health problem, but rather one of finances or relationships, the underlying causes/reasons /sources of others’ problems frequently are the same as your own, and when this is the case, you receive the synergistic benefits beyond yourself as one person. This is the reason why a team is always stronger than one individual. Each individual in this clinic will bring and activate the best in both you and others.

      • Dr. Yuen advocates that group results are extremely more successful because of the team support of his Tele-Clinics.

Group Tele-Clinic’s are beyond an individual clinical experience. Especially when you open to yourself to a group and team dynamics, you will accomplish and achieve so much more that it is not only beyond your expectation but also beyond your comprehension.

      • You will directly experience how Dr. Yuen deletes multiple different countless weaknesses to near infinity and beyond infinity that have hindered your life and your family’s life.
      • You and your family members will never be concerned, worried or fearful of sickness, illness, disease, injury and poverty ever again.

You will experience firsthand, and then automatically activate the Yuen Method principles of achieving immediate results backed by engineering science and technology.

Dr. Yuen will announce everyone (one-by-one) and you will benefit beyond measure from Dr. Yuen’s insight to strengthen everyone in this selected group. In the near future Dr. Yuen will devote much of his time to college and professional sports teams enabling them to be on top of their game. This includes the “toppish game” of them all: LIFE This is not just a learning experience. These are experiences beyond learning. You will directly experience as an individual and collectively, in this small group setting, achieving the fastest, most complete and most immediate results. You will connect and resonate with Dr. Yuen and other members of this selected group for a period of 5-weeks on countless questions and problems to best ensure they are gone and to guarantee that if they return in a different disguise they will be quickly and easily deleted.

Clinics are the best self-investment you can make in improving yourself because when you are strong to situations – nothing will bother, disturb, annoy, or trouble you. When and if you decide to enroll in a Tele-Clinic, you can find all the upcoming events at on the events calendar page:

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