Mental Disorder Anyone? Today, It’s a Common Question

March 31, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC
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“Mental Disorders” refer to a wide range of mental dysfunctional conditions.

Many of you personally know someone who is struggling with a mental condition labeled serious, and this individual may be someone that affects you continuously.

The person may even be the one who is closest to you. Perhaps it is a spouse, a son or daughter, a brother or sister, or one of your parents.

Psychiatrists now realize that mental illnesses frequently come as a package of two or even three combined separate conditions, making the picture look even bleaker. One thing you can be certain of; mental dysfunctions are guaranteed to make everyone in your household, as well as other family members, suffer. Perhaps, it is one of your family members that is affecting you and other members of the family. Or, in reverse, it can be your affliction distressing your family members.

Most likely you are frustrated about the situation or even angry at yourself or the distraught person, if it is someone else because, frankly, there isn’t much you can do to improve the circumstances. You have been relegated to compensate, adjust and limit your life due to your own mental illnesses or to the illness of someone to whom you are connected.

However, when you are the person affected, your misery can be heart wrenching. Not only do you have to suffer the stigma connected with mental illness, but in many cases you are shamed into desperately trying to hide your problem.

Although the professional treating you asserts that your symptoms can be managed with medications and infrequently counseling such as psychotherapy, the results barely scratch the surface.

In many cases, while medicine may keep the symptoms managed rather than allowing them to be out of control, the side effects can make the person feel like a robot, devoid of humanity. In less severe cases, at best, the symptoms may be reduced by 50%, leaving the person suffering from a host of side effects.

It can continue to bring you tears and sorrow.

You have been led to believe there is nothing you can do since it is so difficult and even impossible for professional experts to resolve the problem.

You are mentally helpless, emotionally confused, despairing and distressed.

You may ask questions, why, what, when and how but fail to receive any workable answers or resolutions from anyone including the leading and most respected experts.


Dr. Yuen has taken this opportunity to present his new approach to wellness of everything mental: Yuen Method Psychology. Mental well-being for your Leading Life Supports, including work, education, relationships, of course health, fitness, aging, time and finances.

When it comes to symptoms, the ideal approach is to be stronger, FIRST to all the general symptoms, and then to the specific ones without naming each one. This may sound more like a frivolous suggestion rather than one of sophistication. It is really the simplification that resolves the problem of the minds. Your mind, along with other peoples’ minds, has become more sophisticated for the sake of the mind itself, rather than for the well-being of the person!

It definitely does not require discipline, training, effort or “mindfulness” to become stronger. Those of us using the Yuen Method know what it means to be stronger than your symptoms. It is in effect turning “on” your internal computers.

SECOND: Strengthen to be stronger to your computers’ DELETIONS.

THIRD: Reset your computers to become strong to being balanced, centered and stabilized to your physical self, physical surroundings to you and you to your physical surroundings, which include other people and other living creatures.

These symptoms can be yours, other peoples’ symptoms affecting you and/or your symptoms affecting others. Unquestionably these are never taken into consideration. To do this truthfully makes all your symptoms insignificant, so they have no effects on you.

Then in the next segment, Dr. Yuen will provide you with more steps to do for yourself, whether you take medications and counseling or not. This will make you strong to the procedures and protocols that work the best for you or others in your family.

Watch this video from Dr. Yuen to hear
how to resolve your personal stress, anxiety and mental pain

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