October 9, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

1. Are you having difficulty with any of the following eight key
financial areas?

✔ Paying for essentials (35% of Americans say yes)
✔ Maintaining a comfortable life style  (75% of Americans say yes)
✔ Accumulating excess debt (70% of Americans say yes)
✔ Paying off debt (35% of Americans say yes)
✔ Saving money (70% of Americans say yes)
✔ Investing money successfully (of the 30% of Americans who do invest, 46% of men and 26% of women say yes)
✔ Adequate planning for your retirement (85% of Americans say yes)
✔ Putting aside money for your children’s college fund (80% of Americans say yes)

2. Do you engage in any of the following behaviors regarding money? 

✔ Overspending
✔ Impulsive buying
✔ Arguing about money with your spouse
✔ Hate making a budget
✔ Difficulty saying NO when your child or spouse wants something
✔ Difficulty keeping track of what you’re actually spending with your credit card
✔ Underestimating your new credit card balance by an average of 30%
✔ Using shopping as an outlet for a temporary high

3. Are you suffering from any of following emotions or states of mind regarding moneyThink about your current financial situation. Do you feel any of the following now?  Do you feel any of the following at other times or under different circumstances?

✔ Angry
✔ Really pissed off
✔ Frustrated
✔ Inadequate
✔ Fatigued
✔ Helpless
✔ Fearful
✔ Guilty
✔ Blaming others/self
✔ Saddened
✔ Grieving
✔ Ashamed
✔ Stressed out
✔ Anxious
✔ Envious
✔ Revengeful
✔ Confused
✔ Overwhelmed
✔ Hopeless
✔ Unfairness of it all
✔ Violent
✔ Denial
✔ Numb
✔ Putting problems off
✔ Trying to suppress it
✔ Reluctant acceptance
✔ Giving up
✔ Accepting failure
✔ Having physical symptoms
✔ Victimized
✔ Doubt

 4. Are you suffering from any of the following negative thoughts about yourself and money? 

✔ I make poor decisions about money
✔ I’ll never be able to make ends meet
✔ I have too much responsibility/demands placed on me, when it comes to money
✔ I’m incapable of making more money/solving my financial problems
✔ I’ve tried making money that way once and failed, so I’ll never do that again
✔ I’m not smart/ educated/skilled/competitive enough/don’t have the background to make the money I need
✔ I’m not motivated enough/no longer motivated when it comes to money
✔ I feel small and insignificant when it comes to money
✔ I don’t have enough energy/am too fatigued to make money/more money
✔ I’ll never have enough money
✔ I have no free time because of money demands
✔ Making money is always a struggle
✔ I need to find someone to take care of me
✔ Failure runs in my family
✔ Why try something new? I’ll probably just fail anyway.

5. Do you have any of the following fears?    
✔ Not having sufficient money?
✔ Not being able to handle the money you have?
✔ Misusing the money you have?
✔ Having money that becomes worthless?
✔ Sudden loss of money?
✔ Loss of security?
✔ The unknown?
✔ Taking risks?
✔ Never having enough?
✔ Losing your home?
✔ Bankruptcy?
✔ People using you for money?
✔ Too fearful to take action?
✔ Fearful of success?
✔ Fearful of failure?
✔ Fearful/angry of giving?
✔ Fearful/guilty of receiving?

If you checked yes to any of these, this course and clinic is for you!

  • The Tele-Clinic (Financial/Career/Life Purpose) is designed for personalized resolution of each individual’s unresolved issues. Every attendee can submit specific problems/requests directly to Dr. Yuen each week. Dr. Yuen will personally delete and strengthen every attendee.
  • In the Tele-Course (Financial/Career/Life Purpose) you will learn and experience the principles of the Yuen Method’s live application as Dr. Yuen teaches.

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The reason you checked yes is because you’re struggling either financially, mentally, emotionally, or a combination of all three of these distressing money concerns. The course is designed so you can learn how to locate the underlying weaknesses that led to your problems in the first place. What’s interesting is that these weaknesses are never apparent to the conscious mind and are unique to each person, just as fingerprints are.  Once these weaknesses are located you learn HOW TO STRENGTHEN AND DELETE these unwanted saboteurs, much as you delete your e-mails. There you have it! SUCCESS ON THE SPOT!

Continue reading for Yuen Method tips on making your financial life a breeze by investing successfully and more. 

Making Your Life a Financial Breeze by Investing More Successfully

Some people are intimated when it comes to investing. The investing “intelligently” approach suggests not only becoming knowledgeable about stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, index funds, bonds, commodities, real estate, someone else’s business, various savings certificates, and God knows what else, but additionally implies the need to keep a close eye on these market investments, which in recent times have been quite volatile.

Investing can bring up a litany of complaints including, I don’t have the time, it’s hard to find a good broker, the experts are wrong as often as they are right, money market certificates aren’t liquid enough and who knows when you might have to cash them in, diversifying assets properly is too confusing and so on.

Also, when investing, the stakes are alarmingly real: If you screw it up, you lose money.  Many people are simply afraid of risking the money they have earned. Some feel investing is akin to gambling. Others have trust issues with letting someone else make investing decisions for them, but lack the confidence to make the choices themselves.

The Yuen Approach:
Don’t Invest Intelligently – Do Invest Intuitively

If you don’t invest, you are limiting yourself and losing out on the opportunity to really make your money work for you. Investing intuitively is akin to having a zero anxiety income flow, while you’re off doing whatever you like.

You would be surprised at how many people are strong to money but weak to the specific area of investing. This deprives them of the best method to secure their retirement, the thrill of making the enormous returns that investing intuitively sometimes provides and the gratification of watching the money they have worked for grow on a monthly basis.

Unless you’re already nailing it with your investments, we strongly suggest you join us in both the Finance/Career/Life Purpose Tele-Course and the Finance/Career/Life Purpose Tele-Clinic.

Don’t let your mind sabotage you with the message,
“You can’t afford to enroll.”

The truth is “You can’t afford not to enroll.”



In the mean-time here are some investment tips to use once you’re strong to investing.

First, let’s be sure you don’t lose your neutrality due to the following influences:

  1. Never choose anything based on its past performance. The markets are too volatile. A manager, a hedge fund, a mutual fund or whatever, may have outperformed for the last few years, but this is not evidence that the winners will continue to win.
  2. Don’t pump money into “hot” stocks. You’ve already missed the boat.
  3. Don’t be influenced by the financial media. There is nothing on financial news or talk shows that can help you. Turn them off. Don’t be swayed by newsletters. Cancel your subscriptions. The only thing these guys are really good at is marketing themselves.

The Golden Rule of Investing

Use your strength/ weakness ability (TAUGHT IN THE TRAINING MODULES) before making any investment decisions, including what to buy, when to buy it and when to get out.

If you don’t want to deal with investments, yourself, then pick a broker or financial advisor who FEELS strong to (1) what he is doing and (2) strong to doing this for you.  Never use any other criteria, such as recommendations from friends or how well he/she has done in the past. You can also give this person partial input by following the rules below.

If You Are Dealing With Investments on Your Own:

✔   Never, under any circumstances, invest in anything that FEELS weak regardless of the hype!

✔   Never invest unless the timing, the product and the people (if there are people involved) all FEEL strong.

✔   Once you have invested, check for how long this investment will continue to be strong, so you can get out at the most profitable time.

✔   Never sell unless it tests strong to do so.  This will protect you from being part of the crowd who sell at the worst possible time, when the market is at the bottom and just about to turn around.

Divorce and Finances-the Latest Statistics            

Here’s an area where finances and relationships overlap.

  • Did you know that 57% of divorced couples now cite money problems as the primary reason for the demise of their marriage?
  • Couples who argue about money early in their relationships — regardless of their income, debt or net worth – are at a greater risk for divorce.
  • Arguments about money are by far the top predictor of divorce. It’s not children, sex, in-laws or anything else. It’s money –  for both men and women.
  • Arguments about money are longer and usually more intense than other types of marital disagreements.

Debt/Overspending/Spending Less

Debt is a growing problem in this country. Census reports calculate that we are spending $1.33 for every dollar we earn. It’s no wonder 69% of U.S. households are in debt. In addition,30% of Americans say their biggest financial worry is paying off credit card balances. The real problem here is that if you can only afford to pay the minimum on your credit card balance, or if you have late or missed credit card payments, you are perpetuating the debt cycle. With high interest charges and/or penalties on your accounts, your debt can actually be increasing rather than decreasing. In addition to the average family’s $7,000 credit card debt, many Americans also have to worry about mortgages, car loans, and of course student loans.

Earning More Verses Spending Less

You’ve got to be kidding, right? Who wouldn’t rather be earning more than spending less? For many of you, increasing your income equates to elevating your sense of self-worth and enhancing the esteem others have for you, while spending less implies depriving yourself and your family of what you want, need and desire.

Actually, these are limiting beliefs that may be detrimental to achieving your goals and your well-being, as well as actually impairing your financial success.  If you are earning more for the purposes stated above, you have low self-esteem, which can cause you a boat-load of problems in all areas of your life.  Spending less should not be associated with deprivation, nor should it be equated with neutralizing your belief in abundance.

There are valid reasons for spending less. You might want to spend less while you’re transitioning to a job in a new field, which temporarily pays less, but brings you satisfaction and the same can be said for leaving a job to start your own business.  Perhaps an emergency situation arises and you would rather spend less for a while rather than reduce your savings.

The best place to be with spending less is neutral, where the subject has no emotional charges attached to it and it is free from judgmental thinking.

Spending Less Pentagon

Spending Less Pentagon

Creating Wealth

Abundance Pentagon

A common money weakness is a mindset of scarcity, as exemplified by “more for you means less for me, because after all, there is only so much to go around.” Ironically, scarcity only attracts more scarcity. On the other hand, a strong connection to an abundant Universe and an openness to be supported by it attracts abundance. Now, there is no scarcity of people to support you. There is no scarcity of money, so you are open to giving and receiving.  Nor is there a scarcity of ideas, opportunities or creativity, which allows people to live out their dreams. However, low self-esteem, the feeling of being unworthy and undeserving often holds people back from openness to opportunities, support and receiving what they need from anyone, along with an inability to connect to an abundant universe.


Prosperity Triad

It’s not enough to want to be prosperous, to use prosperity affirmations or visualizations or to follow the right strategy. Anyone of the items on our cheat sheet can unknowingly sabotage your prosperity (and these are just a handful). However,  three common subconscious saboteurs are “I’m not ready,” “I’m not willing” and  “I’m not able” (“not deserving” was taken care in the Abundance Pentagon). Prosperity also means being strong to creating an energy field of prosperity, which connects you to both opportunities and people who are strong for prosperity.

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