June 26, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC


Special Price:

$197-Summer Savings Special!
Space is Limited to 60 people only!

Summer Special Clinic – Click Here

Summer Special Savings – Tele-Clinic

  • Summer Sadness
  • Summer Heat Dehydration
  • Weight Reduction
  • Rejuvenation
  • Skin Breakouts
  • Excess Drinking
  • To much Idle time…arguing in relationships

Have you been persuaded collectively that summertime is the time of “goofing off”?

Summertime can be your setback time or your personal springboard to propel you beyond everyone’s skills, particularly your peers.

While everyone in the northern hemisphere is taking a “siesta” from life collectively, you can refine your skills and fitness.

You can do well in the summer without anyone’s unwarranted interruptions.

You will leave everyone behind, after this conference.  Others will have to try to catch up with you. By default, you will be the natural born leader you were meant to be. You will never be in the middle of the pack again.

“I have experiences of young patients who grew 6 inches (15+cm) taller during the summer months. I have patients/students of all ages who improve their reading comprehension, speed, assertiveness, confidence and creativeness that they increase their IQ scores…” (Dr. Yuen)

It will provide you “the edge” that has been missing in your life thus far.

Any problem or question will be collectively and individually answered and resolved. This is done with or without your attentive presence. Just registering with your name and others you name will do. 

It’s your time to delete any and all physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain in your life!

DON’T WAIT and miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime summer opportunity!

It is never too late to improve for your sons and daughters, parents and spouses, with or without their conscious cooperation.

Space is Limited to 60 people only!

Summer Special Clinic – Click Here

How Is The Tele-Clinic Designed?

    • Limited to only 60 attendees so you receive more personalized experience and attention. Dr. Yuen will announce your specific request on the calls. It’s a “DELETION & STRENGTHENING EXPERIENCE” in which you will benefit from yours and other attendee’s personal requests as well, because the synergy will collectively reinforce all your UNKNOWN weaknesses and thereby optimize your infinite potential.
    • After enrolling, you will receive an email with your Yuen Method Membership link/login information. This Membership Area is where you are able to submit your ONE personal request directly to Dr. Yuen, retrieve your call-in information, and download your digital audio copy of the Live Calls.
    • Two Telephone calls (approximately 60 minutes) – hosted by Dr. Yuen. You are able to connect using a regular phone or Skype minutes.


5:00 pm – 6:00 pm PST


    • Clinic 1:  Wednesday, July 16, 2014
    • Clinic 2:  Thursday, July 17, 2014

What if I Miss a Day Or Can’t Attend the LIVE Calls?

If you are not able to attend the dates, you can still be a part of this groundbreaking program. Just submit your personal situation to Dr. Yuen and receive REAL–TIME RESULTS!
  For your convenience, all attendees will receive access to the digital download audio replay. You will still improve just as much regardless of your schedule!

Special Price:

$197-Summer Savings Special


$100 COUPON toward any 5-Week Yuen Clinic (expires December 31, 2014)

Note: Coupon is redeemable only under the same registered name as purchased.

Space is Limited to 60 people only!

BONUS ends July 8, 2014 – ACT FAST!
Summer Special Clinic – Click Here