The Neutrality and Happiness Conundrum

August 12, 2016 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Neutrality is vital to furthering The Science of Immediate Results. 

It has been and will continue to be one of the most important aspects (if not the most important aspect)  for Yuen Method novices, experts, and Certified Consultants / Instructors alike.

But for many of us happiness is equated to personal improvement, which means as we improve we feel better about ourselves.  We feel happy about it.  After all, it’s only natural to be happy when our pain and stress is deleted on the spot, right?

And yet remaining neutral to that overpowering feeling is part of what makes that improvement possible, which creates somewhat of a dilemma to say the least….

So the question becomes… How can we be neutral and happy about our own self-improvement?  Or more precisely, is it possible to find happiness in neutrality?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered about this somewhat confounding relationship yourself, than this blog entry is for you!  Because here’s three answers that will immediately clear your misconceptions right up.


Resolving Answer #1 

To be happy, you don’t have to exude positivity or suppress negativity: just be neutral.

There are a lot of ancient quotes on happiness. But it is silly to think that you can be happy by simply reading and reciting a few of them…

Though that’s not to say happiness is impossible to attain. You can be happy, but only when you’re neutral to it. Remember, happiness is not a random act you stumble upon. Happiness is a science, which means there is a specific formula you can follow to achieve it.

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Resolving Answer #2

To be happy, you won’t have any negative judgment, criticism, or blaming.

The Science of Happiness is quite new and quite different than the more well known social science fields found under the Positive Psychology umbrella.

In fact, The Science of Happiness is one of three fairly new scientific approaches. The other two are the Science of Immediate Results and the Science of Physio-Psychology. Each science is founded upon the other. For example, in conjunction with the Science of Immediate Results, there are no additional studies, research, or theories necessary to support or prove any person’s individual happiness.

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Resolving Answer #3 

To be happy, you will be balanced, centered, and stable because your neutrality will be strengthened.

Neutrality means that you can rise above it all. Being positive & not positive. Being negative & not negative. This neutrality is acquired easily through the Central Nervous System, and the infinitesimal width of your body’s midline.

Under this premise no help is needed to improve happiness, simply a little assistance in determining the appropriate application. And the application in this case is the threefold process of identifying, strengthening, and deleting the leading weaknesses in your life by shutting down the mind and allowing the neutral power of your innate physical intelligence to take over.

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When you combine these three answers with the three New Sciences, it becomes clear that no external help or self-help is necessary to facilitate improvement in yourself and others.

Instead, all needs and wants are expressed and immediately fulfilled through your innate physical intelligence without any conscience cooperation or premeditated knowledge required. Which is precisely why my brand new Yuen Method program is called The Science of Happiness and not The Art.

Because the results it produces are consistent and belief has nothing to do with it.


Is it possible to find happiness in neutrality?

Yes!  And I’m ready to show you with my brand new Science of Happiness Course.