New! Ensuring Results Protocol

May 4, 2015 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Are You Achieving RESULTS? 

  • For Yourself?
  • For Your Clients?
  • For Your Family and Friends?

If Not, Why Not?

In the busy world we live in, it is most challenging to be neutral. For this reason, it is difficult to achieve results on yourself and your clients. Only with neutrality, can you easily have the insight that leads to the right answers that provides results on the spot. 

In Training Module 9 – you will experience constant (Every Moment) Yuen Method Activation: 

This is it! Experience Activation in real time – LIVE Training – first hand from Dr. Yuen as he directs all registered attendees to experience the following: 

  • Constant Neutrality – Every moment
  • Constant Accurate Insight – Every moment
  • Knowing the weakness – Every moment 
  • CONSISTENTLY MASTER KNOWING, without any self-dialogue questioning  your capability
  • How To Have Speedy Non-Verbalized INSIGHTFUL Comparisons … each and every time
  • Improve your telecommunication with all your clients/patients to KNOW what he or she needs better than they do
  • You will ask only BRIEF questions and have a verbal exchange just to be polite as social customs dictate

Most important is Dr. Yuen’s all NEW “Ensuring Results” Chart – a step-by-step protocol – to be used when your not achieving results on yourself, clients, family and friends.

Everyone needs, wants, and desires fast results, but few obtain them, It’s time you achieve results on the spot – consistent and reliable!

Have you had clients or friends tell you the following:

  • They did not feel a change for the better
  • They did not get results
  • They still feel stuck
  • Do you find it challenging to achieve results on yourself?

If your answer is Yes, Dr. Yuen’s upcoming Training Module 9 is for you!

Dr. Yuen will direct you through his latest chart containing twelve geometric figures that will lead to results when alluding you.

NEW! What to Do When You’re Not Obtaining Results:

When Applying the Yuen Method, you will learn how to activate the NO RESULTS PROTOCOL if YOU or someone else:

  • Does not Perceive a change
  • Is Argumentative and/or Misinterprets
  • Has:
    • Excessive or Slow thinking,
    • Accepted the Wrong Information from Experts
    • Has been Misguided by others
  • Is extensively Indoctrinated by Experts or Limited by Academic Education
  • Is Ultra-Sensitive to Energy or Confuses rather than is able to Correctly Identify his Emotions, Reactions and Sensations
  • Does not acknowledge Strengthening Effects
  • Is Highly Emotional, has Excessive Thinking or Confuses his Thinking and Emotions
  • You will Automatically KNOW Exactly How To Respond when your Clients Say They Do Not Experience a Change

After you delete a weakness you ask, “How do you feel now?”

If you or your client claims they are the same, the most important tool available to you, is the Misinterpretation Octagon.  You want to look at the person’s perception.  You want to make sure their perception is strong and they’re not struggling with changing/not changing, same/not same, different/not different or perception/no perception. 

They either perceive the change, feel different, and that they are not the same, or they do not perceive the change, they don’t feel different, and they feel the same.

Strengthening this pentagon will aid so that with each future deletion you make, they are far more likely to experience change and acknowledge the difference.

If you want consistent and reliable RESULTS,

Join Dr. Yuen’s upcoming Training Module 9, and experience the application of the twelve most important geometric figures.

You will move from “NOT KNOWING” the answers, to sometimes knowing the answers, to always “KNOWING” the right answers that resolve your problems on the spot,

100% of the time.

It’s All About Continual Improvement
Until Final Resolution!



LIVE! May 2015

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