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September 3, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

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Relationships, Aging and Finances

Relationships, Aging and Finances

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To consider obesity or being overweight as a problem of only body fat is the wrong defining answer for those of you struggling with the ongoing dilemma of weight loss. 

Yet almost everyone on the planet believes that body fat is the right answer to the question of, “Why am I overweight and what can I do about it?” The almost universal acceptance that body fat is the cause of the problem had led countless numbers of people to struggle and suffer with the conventional solution found in the dieter’s Bible, “Eat less and exercise more.”  It seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

The certainty that it all comes down to body fat and calories cannot possibly be the right answer. If it was the right answer, the right answer would have resolved the problem. Then you and I and everyone else would not continue to have a problem with being overweight or obese. 

To think of obesity as FAT is a problem. The thinking is the problem, not the “fat.”

Remember, when it is what it is, it is the truth. The truth resolves the situation. Then the situation no longer is a problem.

This is the very basic principles of what you will learn and experience in my upcoming Less Aging Tele-Course.

What commonly have been considered as fat for everyone are actually cellular waste products and dead cells.

When this is taken into consideration first, it can and will be easily removed or deleted from everyone’s body.  This includes other living creatures, as well.

As a matter of fact, you can delete and reduce your body size on the spot, when this is considered.

I can assist you to do this in my Less Aging Clinic, or teach you how to do this in my Less Aging Tele-Course.

You will achieve greater success as you gain more experiences in performing this process. This is a process of detoxification of cellular waste and dead cell accumulations.

Let’s you and I do this on a regular basis, by exploring and arriving at the right answers.

This is for the purpose of deleting the nuisance and the epidemic of obesity and overweight, once and for all and from all of us. It has been an insult to our human intelligence when the question and problem of obesity and overweight still persists, with people trapped in a cycle of dieting and weight gain, some plagued by guilt, embarrassment and in a worse scenario, by loss of a sense of self-worth, with no permanent and total results being achieved. It is time to put an end to the frustration of not having any resulting answers and solutions. 

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