Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) TeleClinic

March 26, 2018 Mike Heise


Are you or someone you know who are among the

24.4 million people in the USA who have PTSD?

You will immediately experience a resolution in these TeleClinics, not just receiving information that doesn’t resolve anything!

Family members, friend’s PTSD, will be resolved through you as surrogate.

You will experience directly how this is done.

All your life weaknesses and symptoms will be strengthened and all negative effects
will be deleted similarly, as you hit the deletion key on your computer.

3 Week TeleClinic Resolving PTSD.

As the follow up to the Fundraising Event:

  • The first 75 people who enrolled in these 3 Tele-clinics will have their PTSD problems resolve live.
  • Dr. Yuen will accept each person’s call and resolve them with your acknowledgment that it has been resolved and everyone in attendance and listening to this recording will acquire the skills to repeat the process.
  • Once a week for 3 consecutive weeks. 25 persons PTSD problems per each week will be resolved.

Dr. Yuen’s 3-fold purpose is to:

  • (1) demonstrate this can be done and you can repeat that from having more real experience, not talking and making excuses of the problem. It can be done without physical eye ball to eye ball interactions.
  • (2) Surrogate Improvement can be made without the person with the problem to cooperate. You can act as Surrogate to improve anyone’s PTSD problem whom you want to give them back their life.
  • (3) To form Real Support Groups with those who are in the support group experience real immediate improvement.

Price is $197.

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