May 9, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Happy Mother’s Day!

We all want to honor our mothers.

To honor your mother more than just on mother’s day, you will want the best for your mother every day of the week for the rest of her life.

This doesn’t necessary mean that that you must physically connect with your mother at all times.

When you do think of your mother, you want to strengthen her to every one of her physical, mental and spiritual weaknesses. You can easily do this, when you think of your mother’s physical potential, you want to strengthen that thought on her midline.

When you think of your mother’s mental and spiritual potentials, you likewise strengthen each one on her midline:

Instead of merely thinking the best for your mother, you can go beyond just thinking the best for her. You can strengthen her general weaknesses until she has less of them. Then you can be more specific and strengthen her specific weaknesses of her daily life routine. Everyone has weaknesses in daily life activities (routine) that goes unnoticed. We are collectively all at fault for this. When weaknesses go unnoticed and unchanged, the numbers of weaknesses goes up. It is the increase of these unrecognized weaknesses that lead to serious wellness consequences.  All weaknesses can be deleted (eliminated) on the spot.

If you have unresolved Mother issues and would like Dr. Yuen to personally resolve them…

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