August 27, 2014 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

Do You Know What Less Aging Means To You?

Are you like most people: If they think that they continue to “think young” they will experience less aging? They have also insisted “aging is nothing more than a state of mind!” They claim “to be young at heart,” whatever that means!

Of course, almost everyone actually accepts the collective and self-evident belief that there is nothing they can do about aging. “We age and soon fall apart.” They also assert that they are mentally going down-hill as well as falling apart physically. Many rationalize their only saving grace is to be more spiritual. To be more spiritual is to be even more insane than to be mentally disturbed. Remember, our spiritual level retains memories of our most severe experiences that go back thousands of years and include those of our ancestors and collective humanity as well. If the spirit were suddenly to open up and dump all this on the conscious mind, we would either go insane or die on the spot from the overwhelm.

Let’s redefine insanity. Insanity is normally defined as being out of your mind, but let me tell you, having your mind out of you enables you to enjoy a far more preferable state than when your logical mind is going non-stop. It is better to be out of your mind rather than being mindful and full of your mind.

Of course half-truths become entirely untruths. People will inevitably defend the half-truths rather than discarding them and restarting in a new direction that leads and achieves RESULTS. It is really all about the END RESULTS that matters!

In many ways, there is more than a half true to that! If you can’t make sense of this statement, please don’t let it be a problem for you!

“The truth shall set you free” is true and it is true every time. Unfortunately, the ill fate of humans is that we don’t know the truth. We inevitably can’t put up with the truth. The truth can be devastating, not because it is the truth, but because it is devastating and can be fatal when it triggers all the untruths that ever existed! The untruths that are specifically triggered are previous killings associated with the truth that will kill anyone.

LESS AGING does mean having less mental and spiritual influences, which have been sabotaging you and everyone’s physical well-being and appearance.

These influences are the weakening effects on your physical potential, performance and intelligence. It is these three physical characteristics, which ensure that you will have LESS AGING in your near and distant futures. This is what is physically desirable.

LESS AGING is the weakest of the three categories, aging, finances and relationships, which is why it is the first to be addressed here. It will be accompanied by RESULTS, not frivolous discussion of what may be possible. Stay tuned for the second weakness, which is relationships and the third finances. All three will be more specifically addressed in depth followed by 100% immediate RESULTS in Dr. Yuen’s upcoming event. This is not bogus! Humans do have consistency as do other modern entities, particularly equipment. It is time you recognize, accept and use this consistency as it was designed to be used.

Dr. Kam Yuen

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