April 22, 2013 Dr. Kam Yuen DC

The same thing with intuition. If you are influenced by family members, when i say family members that could be you or your ancestors in the spirit worlds. So the ancestor, it doesn’t have to be alive to influence you. In fact they influence you negatively even more when they are not alive, right? So you couldn’t separate from the ancestors and they won’t separate from you until you resolve their problems for them.

Alright that’s what it’s all about. So when ancestors have karma, we talked about karma yesterday right, ancestors have karma you have to resolve it for them. Otherwise they have to reappear physically and try to learn what that karma would be. And most likely they will not know what it is unless they have been trained by this Yuen Method.

I’m not trying to make a claim that they have to come and use this method; well, yes they have to, but it doesn’t have to be Yuen, right? It’s just a name on it. Yuen.  If you don’t know what it means, that means it’s a final resolution. Yuen, that’s what it means. Somehow I was given that name and I’m going to finalize everything, (laugh) not forcefully. I stand by my results. I resolve the problem.

So, so far if you have listened in since this was started I’m pretty much batting a thousand so to speak right. If i was a baseball player I’d be batting a thousand because any problem, any question that comes up, there will be an answer to it. An answer to not so much their calling but the answer to their questions and their problems. So anything that is presented on the table will get answered correctly so the person can actually themselves perceive the results.