Resolving and Stopping Football Head and Brain Injuries Live Q & A

July 26, 2017 J Worrall

Resolving and Stopping Football Head and Brain Injuries Live Q & A

According to msn and other online news

Degenerative Brain Disease Found In 99% of Former Football Players: Study

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This CTE condition continues because there isn’t any reversing effect of this condition that have recognized by conventional thinkers that anything can be done.

Most likely it will take another century before that will be even be recognized that your human physical intelligence will improve the situation.

Conventional thinkers still think that you can’t resolve pain of injury of other part of your body on the spot. Even with consistent clinical proof, they will still refuse to acknowledge that it can be done.

Any part of your body received traumatic experiences accompanied with injuries and not received any immediate recovery that body part will start to degenerate. It doesn’t matter it is muscle, bones, ligaments, tendons and etc.

Many studies are being made, but not much in terms of accessing the brain and the rest of the central system to make a difference of the recovery and the stop of the injuries.

Basically, any trauma and injury to the brain or the central nervous system can only be resolve by the central nervous system, and not from anyone’s mental thinking to analyses of all things can’t be done up to now.

If you are among the first of the many that time our radio time allows, you will receive a form to state your head and brain injuries.

Dr. Yuen will limit to only those injuries at this time.

Live Q & A with Dr. Yuen.


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